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The Novos Party

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Inspirational statement

Novos is a party dedicated to a completely serious plan for a better world through a united assembly. By combining our numbers, we shall combine our power. The electoral systems used as the basis of many of the most powerful countries' governments consists of a simple idea: the majority hold more power.

Yet, the current governments are corrupt, and the electoral system now is nothing more than a tool for politicians.

A revolution must begin. If it does not happen, it will not be long until the flaws of the current governments ruin society as we know it.

Please, come inside and learn about what you can do to better this world. Join the Novos party, and help us grow in power.

Mission Statement

Novos' commitment is to that of improving society as a whole through means of international unification. More simply put, we are a group of concerned individuals, tired of all the international conflict, closed borders, and restrictive trade brought upon by the petty nature of individualized countries acting only in their own interests with no regard to others. We strive to disband political bonds and liberate the world of such a pointless and utterly strange bureaucratic system brought on by separated governments. We imagine a peaceful world in which all people enjoy their rights and dignities, not just a select few lucky enough to live in developed countries. We do not condone violent overthrow nor even aggressive political action, rather a gradual process of change in which cultures and heritage are still respected. Through this process we hope to achieve the following goals:

  • The reform of current governments to that which provides all walks of life with their natural rights and dignities
  • The unification of all nations to one government truly of and for the people
  • Minimize corruption
  • Peaceful resolution of existing conflicts through diplomatic processes
  • Social and economic reform to better suit a world community while still maintaining respect and room for existing cultures and traditions.
  • In unity we will end our conflicts, as one cannot fight with itself.

Our Plan in Steps

===Phase 1: Recruiting

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