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Hey guys since I am big into taking computer notes, I figured that others would like to be able to read them as well.
[http://soler.net.cn/data/la-marcia.htm la marcia di radetzky] [http://soler.net.cn/data/mare-di.htm mare di piu] [http://veggis.org.cn/resources/articles/il-verde.htm il verde prato dellamore] [http://klohy.info/img/styles/www-fmvideo.htm www fmvideo it] [http://joperan.org/data/t-ibm/ t42 ibm] [http://svike.info/view/new/joe-petrosino.htm joe petrosino] [http://polex.com.cn/resources/articles/coge-mi.htm coge mi tubo] [http://budget7i.info/lib/cz-trasporti/ cz (trasporti)] [http://svike.info/view/new/politica-illuminista.htm politica illuminista] [http://budget7i.info/lib/hotel-marina/ hotel marina in toscana a marina di mass] [http://svike.info/view/new/beheading-nick.htm beheading nick berg] [http://sneck.info/data/maglie-per/ maglie per uomo] [http://wedner.info/content/view/mulatto.htm mulatto] [http://joperan.org/data/canzoni-del/ canzoni del nazismo] [http://funkall.us/images/small/formulario-giuridico/ formulario giuridico] [http://xionny.cn/topic/elettrico-rc/ elettrico rc] [http://sneck.info/data/base-da/ base da tavolo per tv plasma panasonic] [http://klohy.info/img/styles/la-maialina.htm la maialina] [http://joperan.org/data/mandala/ mandala] [http://sneck.info/data/lcd-wireless/ lcd wireless] [http://sneck.info/data/mystery-case/ mystery case files huntsville] [http://xionny.cn/topic/toscana-e/ toscana e umbria] [http://veggis.org.cn/resources/articles/lidi-ravennati.htm lidi ravennati] [http://budget7i.info/lib/numeri-telefonici/ numeri telefonici] [http://joperan.org/data/lo-spazio/ lo spazio educativo allinterno del carcere minorile] [http://klohy.info/img/styles/programma-hacker.htm programma hacker] [http://polex.com.cn/resources/articles/san-cristoval.htm san cristoval] [http://primonona.info/content/view/il-tetto/ il tetto] [http://klohy.info/img/styles/fossil-orologio.htm fossil orologio] [http://veggis.org.cn/resources/articles/sale-cinematografiche.htm sale cinematografiche di monza] [http://sneck.info/data/telstar/ telstar] [http://funkall.us/images/small/leva/ leva] [http://funkall.us/images/small/phanto-planet/ phanto planet] [http://soler.net.cn/data/des-photos.htm des photos de drew fuller dans la serie] [http://manoke.cn/topic/il-piu/ il piu grande motore del mondo] [http://veggis.org.cn/resources/articles/samsung.htm samsung 2040] [http://primonona.info/content/view/memoria-/ memoria 512 mb ddr pc3200 samsung] [http://budget7i.info/lib/canto-gregoriano/ canto gregoriano te deum] [http://funkall.us/images/small/prescott/ prescott 478] [http://wedner.info/content/view/cocc.htm cocc] [http://funkall.us/images/small/chicas-locas/ chicas locas] [http://funkall.us/images/small/la-morte/ la morte del diana] [http://wedner.info/content/view/incontri-arezzo.htm incontri arezzo] [http://primonona.info/content/view/www-gigi/ www gigi d] [http://soler.net.cn/data/the-calling.htm the calling our lives] [http://xionny.cn/topic/recinzione-in/ recinzione in ferro battuto] [http://soler.net.cn/data/hands.htm hands] [http://manoke.cn/topic/suzana-mancic/ suzana mancic] [http://budget7i.info/lib/navigatore-bluethoot/ navigatore bluethoot] [http://joperan.org/data/video-quattrocchi/ video quattrocchi iraq] [http://sneck.info/data/the-legend/ the legend of fong sai-yuk] [http://svike.info/view/new/frasi-per.htm frasi per innamorati] [http://budget7i.info/lib/download-nicholas/ download nicholas berg] [http://joperan.org/data/www-fine/ www fine pix viewer it] [http://veggis.org.cn/resources/articles/dcs-.htm dcs 340 pioneer] [http://manoke.cn/topic/tagliatelle/ tagliatelle] [http://wedner.info/content/view/crashdown.htm crashdown] [http://primonona.info/content/view/creative-zen/ creative zen micro 6 gb black] [http://primonona.info/content/view/sony-dcrtrv/ sony dcr-trv22] [http://polex.com.cn/resources/articles/epistaxis.htm epistaxis] [http://soler.net.cn/data/sereno-e.htm sereno e] [http://joperan.org/data/motorola-/ motorola - 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My new home is [http://chotchki.us Chotchki.us]
My new home is [http://chotchki.us Chotchki.us]
==My Spring 2006 Semester==
==My Spring 2006 Semester==

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My Spring 2006 Semester

Group Projects

My Fall 2005 Semester

There is also the group projects I am a part of

Finally I have my bloody thesis I am trying to work on:


Templates I have created:

Templates I have pulled from wikipedia:

Honors Council Stuff

Future plans

Well after looking into what it would take to intergrate a web site into a desktop, I have decided that the status quo is just fine. Especially since my time availibility has gone radically downhill. Chotchki 23:27, 4 December 2005 (EST)

I guess I get to eat my own words. After interest expressed by User:Sam Odio, I reexamined how I could use desktop intergration. Since I am a heavy user of Kotact [1] I would love to figure out a way to intergrate bluwiki with it. However I am still open to other suggestions for future intergration. Chotchki 20:06, 5 December 2005 (EST)

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