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I ike Wrestling and there are a whole bunch of wrestlers and the only wrestler that wears a mask is rey mysterio. The tallest wrestler there is in wrestling is The great khali he is 7 foot 3. There are some wrestlers that have died from like heart attacks or others from suicide which is only Chris benoit. There are many dangerous matches like a cage match, no holds bared match, no disqualification match were they can use weapons. There are also pay per view events which are really huge. The person who invented wwe is Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon.There are wrestlers that are coming off injuries like rey mysterio he was out for 6 weeks and triple h was out for 8 months and they have done a good job and have one many matches. you can win variety of titles and some are with partners.





Nice site I never knew you liked wrestling, Njeri

GREAT SITE!!!! it seems your really into wresting!!- Jordan Thompson

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