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Ken Maddy

Weird Pictures of Animals.

Hi my name is Ken Maddy. I'm in the 7th grade. Have you ever went on the internet and found some really weird pictures? Well I have,and their all animal pictures. I know some of them are phony but some of them all really cool. Here is a picture I got from national geographic and this weird shark was actually alive once. Heres the URL were I got the picture. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2006/10/photogalleries/bizarre-beasts/index.html


The second picture is a rabbit dog thingy.

The second weird animal morph picture I found was at this web site, http://humandescent.com


I know it looks kind of phony but the person who actually made this picture stated they didn't use any morphing programs. Instead they used Adobe photo shop, and once to morph a picture, and it was really hard.Also it didn't look really good.

The last picture. I think is pretty awesome.It's seal monkey thing, but I think it looks like dog more than a seal.


The last picture is a picture I found as the same web site above. I think this picture is really cool, since it looks like a real animal. When I first saw this picture I thought it was like a badger or something like that. But when I looked closely at it I noticed that it the was out of shape and it does not have a neck. Still it's a pretty good morph.

Oh, yeah there was this one environmental web site called http://www.youwild.org/. When you go to this web site You can do this fun game were you upload a picture and then you could transform that picture into some kind of animal.

When ever you morph a picture make sure you have legal rights to do that or you might get in very big trouble.

-Those are some Funny pictures that you have there, it's funy how you can make stuff out of other pictures. -Matthew Collington Lots of information about morphing, and cool animals- Tangerine Thats a funny picture of a shark lol- Thomas\

HEYYYYYYYYY U STOLE MY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Randy Beast

    Cool it'd really funny i like it. -Rahul.P
The shark is really cool. -c0n0r 0

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