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About Me
04:51 UTC

Hi, I'm Nathan. I'm 42 years old and live in Ottawa, Canada.

I've been a wiki enthusiast since Feb '06. I joined BluWiki in mid-2006 and was promoted to administrator on 20 Aug 2007. Officially, I was the Community Manager. I resigned in January 2011.</small>

(Feel free to ask me for help though. I just can't do anything in any official capacity.)

Admin links: Nathan (talk contribs  logs  blocks  protects  deletions  email)

Handy References

I occasionally forget these links, so they're solely for my own reference.

Quick Facts
  • There are 65,775 pages, 15,992 articles, & 21,581 uploaded files on the wiki, with 17,865 users (1 active) and 13 administrators.

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