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About Me
19:25 UTC

Hi, I'm Nathan. I'm 31 years old and live in Ottawa, Canada. I work for Xytra Internet Services as Community Services Coordinator. I will be taking on some of the responsibilities of the Vice-President as he takes a leave of absence to go to school.

I've been a wiki enthusiast since Feb '06. I joined BluWiki in mid-2006 and was made an administrator on 20 Aug 2007.

For the long bio, please see the about page on my website.

Admin links: Nathan (talk contribs  logs  blocks  protects  deletions  email)

I strongly encourage communication - please do let me know if I make a mistake or if you need some assistance and I'll be happy to discuss it with you.

Some other stuff I've done is bugtracking/idea submitting for various scripts/software that I use.

My Interests

My interests are music, movies, travel, sociology, politics (I'm a socialist), wikis (of course) and Internet law.

My Websites
  • My website is nathanr.ca. It's a blog that I occasionally update whenever I can be bothered (usually in one week, there's a pile of posts on varying topics - from newsfeeds and such).
  • Gay-Geeks.com is also managed by me. It's a website about a channel on the Undernet IRC network.
What I've done on BluWiki
  • Occasionally watching recent changes.
  • Also reverted spam, vandalfight, helped users, etc. when I could.
  • Occasionally created useful templates when the need arises.
Handy References

I occasionally forget these links, so they're solely for my own reference.

Quick Facts
  • There are 15,992 articles, & 21,581 uploaded files on the wiki.
Fun & Silliness

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