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I like to build servers in buses

My Servers


Hosts BluWiki and other sites. Mother was named after my lovely (and dependable) mom, in the hopes the server would be equally reliable. Currently runs Gentoo, Apache, MySql, PHP, MediaWiki, Postfix, along with some other random stuff.


My backup server. Named by Ryan Turner, a former OdioWorks employee. Not sure where the name came from, however.

Mail / Backup server

This server processes all the emails for my websites, and also serves as a backup should Mother go down. You can find it at http://mail.odioworks.com.

My new Beowulf cluster

Building a clustered "beowulf" Linux machine. Clustered computing is the same technology used in many modern supercomputers, but I'll have a long way to go before this machine meets the "supercomputer" specifications... ;)

The Bus

Update: The bus hardware has been installed, and my Bro's currently testing it out. *phew* Go here for pics.

Here, I'm working on a server that will control all the features of a bus my brother is converting into an RV. The server will be installed next to the driver, and controlled through a touch screen.

My computers

Sarah, my first PC.


Sarah (right) is my first machine, which I built @ age 13. Since then, all the hardware in it has been changed. She's a fickle machine, and named after my first serious girlfriend (whom has a similar temperament).

I guess you could say both were my first, although in different ways.


  • Dual Monitors
  • Processor: AMD Athalon 3Ghz
  • 1 GB memory (DDR PC2700 SDRAM)
  • 160GB 7200 RPM Raid 0
  • NVIDA Geforce 5200 with 128 MB Memory
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • USB 2.0 (6 ports)

Lynn, my new powerbook

The newest addition to the family. I'm using her more & more. Named after one of Sarah's two middle names.

Wharton - the new MacBook

The newest addition to the family. We'll see if I keep her.

My new 13" MacBook

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