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My personal character Xendrian Maranmore. Art by Strype

Hello, I'm VelaAdminstrator and I'm the creator of my own series of wikis here on BluWiki.org. Here I keep a large index of the sites that I create here and maintain. Because of my extensive imagination some of these pages are long and highly informative. Imostly like to create alot of things mostly in text and/or with the help of of illustrators and other creative makers to make the extremely detailed items

What you see to the right is my personal character; The massive musclebound weredragon Xendrian Maranmore created by me (his info can be seen in the cast call of Multiverse Unlimited).

Here is some of the stuff I've been working on so far.

Vela Reference Wiki
The official reference page of the Interrealm Trilogy, a story trilogy 10,000 years in the making.

Sandbox Biographies
The high detailed profiles of the character creations of S.A. McIntosh in the MediaWiki sandbox.


Interrealm Images

Sandbox Biographies Images

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