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Phoenix Realm is a plane of existence that lies outside the known infinite number of universes that make up our own Prime Universe. As to many very ancient texts, this plane is the dormant home of the Fire Sorceress Pyre and his home to many of the Natural and Spirit phoenixes that dominate that world.


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In the post fifth-celestial process that has put an end to the proto-universe, and given birth to the new and modern observable mutliverse that we all know, the sorceresses have created all of the four domains except for Aequitas who is known to have other matters at hand.

Gaia has created the Life Realm, within is the basic elements and the free unbridled liberty of planetary and life genesis. Tempest has created the supreme nexus; it is the one true connection for every point in time and space without restriction or consequence. Tsunami's world is the Ocean realm an eternal plane where the great expanses of the universe.

Then there is Pyre's realm. Since she is the charge of light, guidance and intelligence she created her realm that was beyond that of any known paradise in the multiverse and the only sole inhabitants are Phoenixes hence the name of the realm.

Phoenix Types

In the phoenix realm, there are only two known types of phoenixes but they co-exist side by side and are equal in ideals and abilities no matter how different they are.

  • Natural Phoenix - Naturally born in the realm they are the most capable of the two since they are the natural protectors and guardians of the realm. It is also them who are most often leave the rare phoenix downs behind. They are often extremely rare to find and if touched by anyone it is absorbed into the person. Automatically that would spell a instant ticket into that world. Natural Phoenixes have free reign to travel to any universe and come back again.
  • Spirit Phoenix - They differ from the naturals other than being the soul of a being in their past life. The side effect of the transformation is a lost of memory of the past life and might take a while to regain it back. The biggest difference is that if they choose to go back to the world of the living they will be as they are but smarter, faster and far stronger than they are when they came in.

Role as Purgatory

It's one of the primary reasons for the realm to exist. To behave as a sort of limbo or purgatory for the spirits who enter where they can live, work and play in paradise for all eternity. Spirits also have the sole option of continuing on into the afterlife or to return back to where they belong. But that is the long trial of if they really want to go forward or back.

Notable Phoenixes

  • Xararuna Ignatius - Natural Phoenix and Director of the Great Chronometer and the Solterrran Time Machine Fleet.
  • Arelusa'ii - Senior-most watcher and guardian of the Prime Universe and co-exists with Xararuna.

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