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To seanacton's top secret VGOC development lab. This is the new page dedicated to the conception, creation and eventual distribution of the much discussed VGOC Video Game. I will do my best to keep it up to date and upload pictures and playable demos whenever significant advances are made.

The plan, at present, is to create an awesome RPG (like 10-20 hours or better) using free software (ie: Gamemeker 6.1) that will feature all VGOC members in a grand quest to rid the world of some great evil. Thus far, seanacton is the self-appointed director in chief of planning, production, choreography, writing, programming, and damn near everything else. As one may very well expect, the creation of any Video Game, though RPGs especially, is a long and gruelling task, and it generally takes a team of veteran gamers and computer nerds any where from 3 to 10 years to create a quality game. Needless to say, one man will have a much harder time of things. As mentioned above, this page will document the production of this game, just in case y'all are curious about how its going. BUT, its also here, so that if you'd like to have some input or sway with regards to, well, anything, you can have your say. That said, seanacton greatly looks forward to your input and ideas as any and all enthusiasm will likely ensure that he is able to see this project through to its completion. Let's make this EPIC.

The Game

K, basically, this section exists to be a summary of the current final product. That is to say, my goal in designing this game. Please feel free to add, discuss, etc. whatever you hink might increase the awesomeness of this endeavour. Of course, at this time, I am reserving absolutely ALL rights to the final decision making. Especially, as many aspects are already under construction and will likely not be changing.

So, here goes. The VGOC Video Game will be based heavily on the famous SNES RPG "Tales" series. The key difference between these games and the Final Fantasy games being the utilization of a real time battling system. (I'm not sure if anyone but Ken and Rachel have played these games though, so if you need a better explanation, just ask). Simply put, this means that the overworld and menu screens will be just like a Final Fantasy game (at least, up to FF6, as 3D graphics at this point are impossible with the software I'm using). Players will move around in a non-linear format with an overhead 2D view of the overworld. Many menus will be available at different times, that will allow for all the standard conveniences: saving, equipping items, using magic, etc. Additionally, all VGOC members will be available as playable characters. For this reason, the player will be able to select a party of up to four VGOC members for there quest, which can be shifted around at a variety of locations within the game. Random encounters will comprise the majority of the non-story gameplay time, but there will also be many epic boss battles. These encounters will be the only part of the game to, as mentioned above, deviate substantially from the FF format. Namely, they will feature up to four party members in a realtime, side scrolling battle with the randomly generated opponents and boss monsters. The battle system will be modelled after the game "Tales of Phantasia" (which is a damned amazing game, I would recommend it to anyone), meaning that the player will maintain complete control over their primary party member while the others will attack, cast magic, and use items, according to a predetermined AI system. Characters will gain experience and money by winning battles and will gain levels as they progress through the game. Every playable character will have a unique skill tree comprising of 16 skills that will each level up 5 times and will cover everything from melee attacks to spells, healing magic, and buffs. These trees will be filled utilizing a skill web system loosely based on that of FF10, where Qi orbs found throughout the game can be assigned to a given charater to unlock/level up his/her abilities. The story is so far slated to span the entirety of our Grade 12 year, tying in all the hilarious real happenings (ie: SMUNA, Winter Formal, the Band trip) with my fictitious depictions of the evil machinations of VGOC's enemies. Locations in game will include nearly everything at WMCI, as well as a few other locations, like Master Li's house and the Band Trip.

That is, in a poorly grammar checked nutshell, my plan for the VGOC Video Game. Please, any thoughts, issues, ideas, or general suppport would be welcome with regards to the above.

Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy I'm back, after a disturbing loss of all my game data, seanacton has returned to save the VGOCVG. So if any of y'all are still interested and actually read this page (I think i'm gonna make a facebook group, maybe) Any suggestions would still be welcome.

Development Team (Job Opportunies)

Well, uh, bascially, right now it's just me. But I know there are a few of you out there who are willing to lend support in their spare time. Below will be a list of roles that I would love help with, please add your name wherever you think your input could be best used, and you have time to contribute. (Or feel free to add new sections)

  • Gameplay
    • Battle Logistics and Balancing
    • Overworld Design
    • Dungeon Design (MF expressed an interest in this)
    • Boss Design
    • Item List
    • Menu Design
    • Enemy Design
    • Encounter Planning
  • Character Design
    • Skill Trees
    • Statistics and Growth with Levels
    • Elemental Affinities
    • Items (Equippable)
      • Character Specific Items
      • General Accessories
  • Story
    • VGOC Jokes (I would like to work in as many as possible, so to fulfill this role, please just update VGOC regularly)
    • Dialogue and Writing
    • Event planning
    • Cut Scenes
    • Endings Planner (I would like to have a seperate live action ending movie for every character, of course most of these won't be planable until the plot has been finalized, but ideas are good)
  • Side Quests
    • Extra Character Quests (To obtain characters not force recruited through the storyline)
    • Mini Game Design (These could be really kool, I'm thinking there will be a flags minigame for sure, as well as some kind of mafia sim, and a dating option that allows you to ask out various girls throughout the course of the game)
      • Flags
      • Chinese Chess
      • Mafia
      • Dating ~Jiajia: lmao, lmao at the dating sim. lmao. Why not just add a Franks Adventure option for the Oleg and rocky characters?
      • Various Sports (Football, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Ping Pong basically whatevers in season at a given point in the game)
      • Qi Battles
      • Grounders
    • Short Side Quests (For items gold weapons)
    • Long Side Quests (For Characters, final items, level 5 Qi orbs and uber hidden bosses)
    • Qi Orb Locations (There will be hundreds of these things (23 per character), someone is gonna have to keep track of them for me)
  • Visuals
    • Sprite Ripping
    • Palettes
    • Backgrounds
    • Environmental stuff
  • Sound
    • Sound Effects
    • Background, Boss, and Battle music
    • Voice Recording
  • General
    • Game Logo
    • Opening Video
    • End Credit List
    • Special Thanks
  • Programming
    • K so following the crash everything is done on GameMaker 7, so if anyone wants to, or already has, downloaded that, registration hacks are available online, then you can begin helping me get shit done. yay.


Ok, this section is here so that all involved parties to post what has been accomplished so far. The immediately following is my work log that I created in game since I began working these segments of my log will be kept backed up within the game itself, and I will post new changes whenever.

The log has now ben broken into three parts (and will perhaps become more in the future), the Olde Log, which croicles accomplishments up to my computer crash and the loss of the game, as well as a new log to chronicle the work of individuals on seperate projects. Presently, there will be one for my (sean's) work on the system, controls, and menu system for battles and character skills, and another for Wayne (who if he works hard enough, may gain the title of co-executive producer) who will be working on creating te system and interface for overworld movement.

Work Log (seanacton)

January 23rd 2008

OK so I'm doing the battle system at present. It is sidescrolling, having one playable character controlled by the player and up to three others managed with AI in order to allow the party to fight in real time. A multitude of enemies will exist, taking a variety of shapes and numbers and attempt to destroy the VGOC party. The system will eventually require: A system for controlling (moving, attacking with, and using skills with) the lead character, A system for managing the AI of up to three other party memebers, A system to manage the actions of enemies, a lead character status display (pic, name, hp, qi, assigned skills, status, items), a party status display (name, hp, qi, status) , an enemy status display (name, number), A calculation for damage output and input, a damage display, a targetting system that allows spells to be directed at certain enemies or allies and a variety of othwr stuff as I come up with it.

I have completed so far, the movement system for the main character (left and right arrows move the hero left and right respectively, collision effects with enemies have not yet been added, particles are also desired for effects like kicking up dust), as well as the basic attacking engine (which allows for four different combos of any number of strikes based on the direction (up, down, side, none) held at the time of the first button press. Attacks do not do damage yet, as strength algorithms have not been finialized, however enemies are thrown and stunned by attacks, allowing some combos to juggle enemies in the air. Displays are present for the ead and other characters, the lead display currently showing the portrait, name, hp, and qi of the player character, assigned skills are presently being worked on. Enemies do not yet attack, nor is there a system to find the effects of player injury, the levelling system is also in the works though waiting on completion of stat growths.

March 2nd 2008

Been working on a off between school shit for a while. Levelling now works for MF (1-100) with stat growths for int, str, spd, and def. Damage displays successfully when enemies are hit, works as an approriate function of str. enemy dodge are block rates (which relate to player spd) have been added and work, as well as funxctionng hp/qi growth and regen equations. Working presently on critical hit function. Also, creating a system by which enemies can attack, so as to finalize player dodge rates. Also, just realized that hit point growth (which presently functions as str).

March 3rd 2008

Started formal storyboard writing (no pictures yet) explaining basic plot elements of the early game and cut scene machinations. SO far up to the battle with Dark Qi Hall. This of course is not divulgable information, as playing the game would be far less entertaining if the storyline was well known. Just suffice to say that I'm having fun, and the story should be amazingly epic. Could really use a hand designing boss battles BTW (scripted stuff would be sweet, but i need ideas). Need to add further animations for blood and such when enemies are hit, as well as sool cool-ass particle effect for leveling up. Also, just learned that gamemaker is present on the Engineering College computers, this wn't help me right now, but it means that I can work on them during Sci-Fi camps in the summer. hurray, that means it won't be a complete waste of four months.

March 11th, 2008

K, so all stats that don't involve the enemy hitting you are now implemented (though functions may yet change), enemy AI is in the works, currently it can walk around (roam) and hop around (attack) but attacking doesn't work. Upon completion i will implement dodge rates and resistances, then i will do some spells and do their respective attack. Ally AI will be next, though they will only attack for now (til skilltrees are done and some system is devised to dictate ally spell casting). Still fleshing out storyline, particularly trying to balance when the VGOC members join the party, so far 3 characters will be selectable at the beginning, two of whom take part in a training simulation with Mr. Schoenfeld in the football field. The third then rejoins, after the first quest a fourth will join, then a fifth (and sixth if unlocked) after the third, at which point things get rather convoluted. I am thinking, however, that in order to balance the horendous number of character, many quests will involve the breaking up of VGOC into two or more parties so that many characters get used.

Work Log (Wayne)

  • Sean's Note

OK, so Wayne was come on board for programming the VGOCVG, not sure hoqw much time either of us will get over the semester, but he seems pretty confident that at least the next couple of weeks ought to be productive. Wayne is in charge of the overworld, and all things encompassed therein. So here is ust a list, for your reference, of things the overworld interface will need to do.

Be awesome and old school, display a different sprite based on the current lead character and allow movement and interaction with the overworld (this includes everything from stopping movement when you hit walls or NPCs, to talking to NPCs, opening doors and chests, moving between rooms, triggering cut scenes, and triggering random encounters), a system is also needed to similarly govern NPC movement, display a minimap, display text for convos and a variety of other stuff. Anyway, that's just me being long winded as I'm sure we all already know about this shit, but now it's been said so you ust do it. hahahahaha.

k. so Wayne Ditched. So this is just a waste of two paragraphs.

Olde VGOC VG Log:

April 25th 2007, -Seanacton

Three days into constuction. Using "DBZ Supersonic Warriors" sprites with palette changes. Thus far have created an MF battle object, 4-hit melee combo, ranged attack, a slide tackle. Also have dummy monster and working damage display triggers. No progress yet on overworld interface or menus. Total game plan thus far, style will be similar to Tales of Phantasia with realtime overworld and battle interfaces. 15 planned playable Characters: Sean, Jia, Zhang, Hope, Ken, Li, Oleg, Rocky, Hank, Nathan, MF, Rachel, Nick, Bobby, Bryan. Skill tree plan will be three pronged: Attack branch, skill branch and support branch with a few interependent skills. Background and overworld sprites tentatively collected, no overworld char sprites yet determined. Before moving on from battle testing, need to complete all skills for MF character and decide on satisfactory skill assigning system (probably up att, down att, left/right att, and att etc.). Also, must complete compiling a list of all necessary variables and what they do. Need, finally, to learn code for drawing from a database (levelling and skill trees) and remote accessing code (for skill assignment). Peace.

April 27th 07 - Seanacton

Built a battle menu display that will draw hp and other crap. MF, Ken, and I came up with what will prolly become the list of evil/good teachers/people as well as locations, side quests and the like. Ken has agreed to help design the algorithms for character growth and MF is doing dungeon design.

April 28th 07 - Seanacton

Working on further customization for MF character

May 12th 07 - Seanacton

Been a while since I've had time to work really on the game. Made three more combos for MF (direction arrows) also, did Mountain of Hatred attack. Few bugs need to be worked out, the ability to stop movin during moving attacks, facing bug while moving after attacks, timing back to floor on combos. Overall, game is looking better. Need to finish MF skill tree and program all attacks in, so I can build the skill tree and levelling system.

July 19th 2007 - Seanacton

Well, uh, bascially. been slacking off. So, finished MF skill tree and general system. All chars will now have three distinct branches and 16 possible skills (1 base and 5 in each branch). No adding MF skills so i can create a skill tree system. Still need to add levelling.

July 31st 2007 - Seanacton

K, worked out a multitude of algoriths on paper and other stuff, elements, stat growths, status effects, and attack types, mostly. Reworked the look of the battle screen, now the player caharacter will be featured on the right, with a portrait, stats, and presently equipped skills. The other three will be in the bottom left. Also, planning to add a "mini map" to the top to fill blank space. Reworked damage display, o each hit is independent of others.

August 2nd 2007 - Seanacton

Added primitive levelling system, no visual effects yet, only actual levelling and stat increase. Need to make MF skills

August 16th 2007 - Seanacton

Created webpage, and wrote lots of shit.

January 21st 2008

K, so it's been ages and much shit has happened. Computer got fried destroying the entire game except for the info posted here and some sprites I had sent to Jiajia. (Luckily). But now, In the lull that is christmas I found time to begin toying with gamemaker again and have successfully revived the VGOC Video Game. It isn't quitre up to its previous glorious levels of awesomeness, but it is returning at great speed, soon all sorts of kool shit will be possible. bwahahahahahaha. OK, back to studying.

General Discussion

Jiajia: Shall we make a separate section for each playable character for better organization? Also, will all characters have the same level of "importance" or are some strictly support and perhaps even unlockable (John Mo?). Also, I am working on the music. I will also make the Display Pictures. Are we going to give each person an Element or Affinity for which to base Qi attacks on? (MF = Fire, etc)Oh and whats the Storyline?--[[]] 02:51, 19 August 2007 (EDT)

Well, the plan at present is to have 15 or 16 playable characters available at some point throughout the game (and all at the end). This means that the story might call for certain characters to be removed/go solo/join for different story events, however, the general idea of the game is that a player could potentially pick any VGOC, or party of same, to play nearly the entire game without sufficiently changing the story. Some characters, largely those who are not strictly VGOC (ie: John Mo, Jeetu, and I'm toying with the idea of Katie Lin), will appear solely as summons or NPCs (non-playable characters to the non-initiated). All characters, yes, will have a general element that their attacks are based on. However, in most cases this will not be strictly binding. Thanks, of course, to Jia for music, and display stuff. I will be posting shortly a full list of playable characters, if you would be so kind as to get a couple really good crops of their faces. ~seanacton

Hey Sean i dunno if you want to use Fire Emblem music, I have all the songs unlocked except for that one where you need A support with Hector and Lynn, and I could easily make the recordings. A couple tracks would work nicely for story telling background, especially "Together, We Ride!", "On the Winning Road", "Main Theme", "Within Sorrow", "Triumph", and "Into the Shadow of Triumph". Tell me which ones you like.

lolz. Fire Emblem Music kicks ass!! My favorites are Hector's theme and together we ride. but upload whichever you think'll be most usefull. ~seanacton

Jiajia: I am no longer here in body but my spirit resides. I'll continue making crappy sprites in my free time.


Hope's Music Selection:

  • Champione - euro soccer pump up music - fighting music?

| champione (LOL, ok this is one kool, not sure how it will fit in, but good 'Team building' music, so will difinitely occur during the plot perhaps in the cutscenes leading up to a large final battle)

  • Burning up for you - japanese piano hero like game. - every RPG needs japanese techno that is sung in english.

| burning up for you

  • Sea of Chaos - from Acecombat 5 (acecombat being known for patriotic music) - Sad music for when Mr. Schoenfeld is lost in battle against the schoolboard...

| sea of chaos (Hey Hope! Quit spoiling my plot!!! Rararar! lol)~seanacton

Jiajia's Ideas for music: Due to my recent obsession with the Castlevania series, here is some awesome music:

  • This one is called |Bloody Tears, good for general rooms, has a bit of a creepy sad feel, but not really. Not really a "pump-up" song either, so not for bosses. If interested, The Castlevania Dungeon has a MIDI (Google it), this guy on YouTube just does an excellent job of it. Could even be used as a death/story background sequence? I don't know, tell me what you think.
  • Lost Painting is another non-exciting song thats great anyway, it starts off "magical", has a haunting 20 sec. or so, and continues enchantedly. Again, this is a YouTube, but Castlevania Dungeon has a MIDI.
  • Dance of the Pales could be used for one of those "something is not right here" situations. Perhaps a betrayal? Let's decide on a storyline first

The initial Portion sounds like a "some shit's going down" situation, but the later portion sounds like a "talking to/walking through house of the generic strange/wacky enemy (such as a clown or insane man) - Nick

  • Castle Librarian is a song used for the merchant/buying items. It has an Arabian open market feel to it.
  • Dracula's Castle Could be used for the Library stage. For obvious reasons lol. It actually sounds pretty cool too.
  • The opening sequence from LoZ The Minish Cap is a good story telling track. It's here, track number nine. |Zelda Dungeon
  • Jiajia thinks we should splice these songs so they can loop without looping from the beginning.

Nick Spooner asks: Please allow me to compose the battle/ boss music, or any other music. it wont be of crappy quality like Awesome 3.

Of course Spoons, anything and everything you come up with would be welcome. Just post them up here or something.

Zhang thinks we should actually use Awesome 3. We should also use his rap song ring tone.

Alright, in light of the release of Super Smash Bros Brawl, and its subsequent Godlike soundtrack, lots of the battle music may end up being stolen from there. Basically the tracks are all fucking amazing, particularly the Main Theme, Final Destination Theme, Fire Emblem Theme, Rainbow Road (??) etc. am currently engaged in downloading as many of these as possible.

Demos and Other Shit

The game is not yet anywhere near ready the Alpha testing phase, don't expect anything major too soon. However, I am working on the MF character at present and making slow progress, so an exclusive MF battle sim might soon be available.

But since that won't tide anyone over, here's some screen shots: NEW

Screen2.png Screen3.png Screen4.png Screen5.png

Just the MF character doing some shit. Sorry about he shitty quality, the page wouldn't let me use bmps. So these are shitty jpegs. The actual game looks better.

MF suggests that "Qi" be replaced with the chinese character for it. It's pronounced "Ki" in Japanese, and is thus also from DBZBT2.

Elements and Stat Growths

Elements affect stat growths, as well as the type of Qi the character is aligned with. Perhaps "supports" can be programed in to allow for Qi-mix combos.

Here are the stat effects for some elements. Numbers are arbitrary, but convey a basic ratio. For those unfamiliar with RPGs, STR=Strength, or how much damage you do, DEF=Defense, how much damage you take, INT=Intelligence, how quickly your Qi regenerates, SPD=Speed, how fast you are, dodge, etc, HP=Health, more is better, Qi=Magic, needed to use Qi attacks.

Fire demonstrates raw power, and a brash impatience. Characters aligned to fire have increased strength, but leave themselves open to attack...

Starting stats:

  • STR+5
  • DEF-2
  • INT+-0
  • SPD+-0
  • HP+-0
  • Qi+-0

Wind is the element of mobility. Characters aligned to wind have swift graceful attacks, and easily dodge oncoming danger.

Starting stats:

  • STR-2
  • DEF+-0
  • INT+-0
  • SPD+5
  • HP+-0
  • Qi+-0

Earth characters have a rock solid defense, shrugging off the most brutal of punishments.

  • STR+-0
  • DEF+5
  • INT+-0
  • SPD-2
  • HP+3
  • Qi+-0

Water is the element of flowing Qi. While fire brings only death and destruction, water offers healing and life. The water adept's skill lies in internal energy. Pray for the Dragon's blessing (In Chinese mythology Dragons are aligned to water, not fire.)

  • STR-2
  • DEF+-0
  • INT+5
  • SPD+-0
  • HP+-0
  • Qi+3

lol you put a lot into this Jia. I like how we're thinking bascially the same stuff. Sadly, I've already opted for a slightly different course. The reason being that their are really only 4 elements (plus Light for both Masters), which leads to the issue of having all characters with the same affinity ending up with bascially the same stats. Therefore, I believe that the affinities themselves must exist independent of stats, allowing the stat growths to better represent the strengths and weaknesses of the VGOC themselves. Element, while it will often be assigned given the above criteria, or some similar set (ie: myself (wind) and the rock solid Nick Spooner) they can also be assigned for sake of creating variety in the characters. MF, for example, will have substantially more average stats than a typical fire character in any given RPG (which essentially means his strength will not triple his other stats). The elements, i think, will then take on more of a role with regard to player skills (as MF has a disproportionate amount of fire attacks to any other element) and will provide the overall theme of their skill branches. Of course, even that will not truly gaurantee anything, I think it would be nice to have at least one character who touches nearly every element across there skill tree.

Lastly, there is, at present, no stat dedicated solely to defense. There are only three base stats: Strength (which represents physical fortitude as a whole); Intelligence (Mind power, Qi control and whatever other mystical bs); and Speed (which covers everything from agility, to manual dexterity). So naturally, the "defense" stat is really just a form following the function of strength, Just as Qi defense and elemental absorbtion will directly rise from intelligence, and critical and parry ratios will rise primarily from speed. Speaking of which, I'm gonna go make a stats section,so I can explain this more fully. ~seanacton

Thats fine, just giving ideas--[[]] 13:42, 23 August 2007 (EDT)

Oh yeah. Forgot about auras and buffs and shit. This is where element will also be important, it will affect and be affected by its opposite element (fire/water,wind/earth,light/dark) in terms of increased chance of status ailment, and bonus damage and whatnot. Also, certain buffs and auras will rely on element. For example, one skill might make all characters fire based, another will increase the hp point regeneration of water based players, one might weaken defense of earth based enemies and so on. In addition to all sorts of other nifty effects. More on this as I dream it up. ~seanacton

OK, so I'm back having recently attempted to ressurect this project after my comp getting fried caused me to lose all the files. I am currently in the process of planning out the stat system (again) I thought this new one might work better (and take full advantage of some of the aspects of a real time battle system that i had not previously thought of). So the will now be four basic stats (the typical strength, defense, intelligence, and speed) that will have multiple sub branches directly dependent on them.

  • Strength
    • + Physical Damage = ((str + weaponattack) ^ attackpower) * EnemyAbsorbRate) Hp
    • + HP Regeneration = (str/100) Hp/sec
    • + Stun Finish Time (All attacks have a base stun time, this will increase the timer on the final attack in a combo)(t_0 + f(str))
    • + Stun Finish Force (All attacks cause the opponent to move or flinch, this will increase the speed and distance the move)

Basically your physical power, higher strength directly affects higher damage, hp regeneration as well as greater throw range on finish attacks and longer stun time on enemies

  • Intelligence
    • + Qi Damage = ((int) ^ spellpower) * (ElementPower - EnemyElementResistance - 1)) Hp
    • + Qi Growth = (baseQi x (int ^ 0.9) / 15) Qi/level
    • + Qi Regeneration = (int / 75) Qi/sec
    • + Qi Resistance (The portion of magical damage removed from an incoming spell) (similar to physical defence)
    • + Status Recover (The amount of time removed from a effective status ailment)

k, this one hasn't actually changed much, it stills affects qi attack power, qi growth rates, qi regen rates, and qi attack resistance. Further however, high intelligence will now also ber responsible for lowering time afflicted by status effects like poison, blind, or silence.

  • Speed
    • + Dodge Rate = ((spd / (2 * EnemyAccuracy)) * 100) %
    • + Critical Rate = ((1 - Log_256(257 - spd)) * 100) %
    • + Hit Rate = ((EnemyDodge / (2 * spd)) * 100) %
    • + Move Speed (Increase in movement speed)
    • + Stun Recover (The time removed from successful enemy stunning attacks)
    • + Status Resistance (The percent chance to immediately ignore a status ailment) (This may be interchanged with intelligence's status recover)

This stat was the primary reason i decided to make some changes. It now focuses on making character more and more versatile as this speed increases. Speed affects hit, dodge and critical rates, as well as increasing movement speed, and decreasing stun times from enemy attacks, to enable high speed characters to move around the battlefield with great ease. Speed also increase the chance of immediately nulifying the affects of status ailments. Also, decreases warm up and cool down time on spells.

  • Defense
    • + Physical Resistance (working working working)
    • + HP Growth = (baseHp * (def ^ 0.9) / 15) Hp/level
    • + Stun Resistance (% chance to immediately nullify a stunning attack)

Yeah, so originally, defense just didn't exist, all the properties originally associated with this stat were functions of strength, however in light of this new approach, strength characters would have become even greater powerhouses than usual. So now defense has been reintroduced in order to control such stats as, physical damage resistance, hp growth, while also introducing the possibility of completely resisting enemy throw attacks, allowing them to simply continue attacking weak enemies without worrying about being stunned and tossed about.
So as a basic overview: High strength characters deal lots of damage to decommission as many enemies (either by killing or throwing them out of the way), Intellectuals become magical powerhouses, gaining great damage and magic resistance, though no applicable physical properties. Speed based characters will become increasing mobile as well as highly accurate, and defense based characters will be able to absorb huge amounts of damage without flinching in the slightest.
Within this frame, of course, there is still lots of room for variety, as all characters will eventually have a totally different set of final stats.
Now for the important part, having outlined all the basic stats affected, I need people to help me come up with general stats growth algorithms so that i can model the change in, say, dodge rate as speed moves from 1-256. Also, keeping in mind that the battle system is a real time side scrolling type thing, any other effects that could be exploited that I have overlooked would be kool. thanks.


<Quest Title>\n

  • Type: Side quest? Main Quest? Is it crucial to main storyline?
  • Quest Story: What is the motive? Fries? Glory? Dating sim?!
  • Availability: When can we do this quest?
  • Character choice: Which characters can partake in this?
  • Related: Timeline relative to other quests? Pre-requisites?
  • Notes: Additional info

Have you seen Oleg?

  • Type: Main Quest
  • Quest Story: Curtis has commissioned us to find Oleg, who is missing yet again.
  • Availability:
  • Character choice: All
  • Related: Pre-requisite for 4 more quests
  • Notes: Quest ends in library with a clue about Oleg

Where is Oleg?

  • Type: Main Quest
  • Quest Story: Oleg has not been found in the library. Some helpful Model UN kid gives a clue
  • Availability: After "Have you seen Oleg"
  • Character choice: All
  • Related: Pre-requisite for 3 more quests
  • Notes: Quest ends in computer lab with a clue about Oleg

Where the hell is Oleg?

  • Type: Main Quest
  • Quest Story: Oleg has left his starcraft game on the the computer lab, but is nowhere to be found
  • Availability: After "Where is Oleg"
  • Character choice: All
  • Related: Pre-requisite for 2 more quests
  • Notes: Quest ends in cafeteria with a clue about Oleg

Where the FUCK is Oleg?!

  • Type: Main Quest
  • Quest Story: Seanacton recalls seeing Oleg being approached by Kriti. A chase ensues.
  • Availability: After "Where the hell is Oleg?!"
  • Character choice: All
  • Related: Pre-requisite for 1 more quests
  • Notes: Quest ends in KriteeMatza's lair. Defeating KriteeMatza results in Oleg joining the party.

Escape from KritiMasoo

  • Type: Main Quest
  • Quest Story: This is getting out of hand! Now there are two of them!
  • Availability: After "Where the FUCK is Oleg?!"
  • Character choice: All
  • Related: End of quest line
  • Notes: With dying breath, KriteeMatza buds into KritiNimishi, resulting in a speedy chase back to the cafeteria. Upon arriving, KritiNimishi combine to form KritiMasoo. Boss battle.
  • Oleg can be used for the first time this quest.

other quests:??

  • fixing billy fan's toe. (wasn't that grade 11?)
  • Protect michael Kucher from tired hope! (uhh, this will require explanation)

OO fun, Quest ideas. Always a good section to have, so please continue posting here. Naturally, however, for sake f at least part of the gamew being a surprise, I will not be divulging my choice for quests, I will however list here places and events that will take place during the game, if you need inspiration. As for my list (in remotely chronological order):

  • Schoenfeld's Qi Tutorial
  • Welcome Week?
  • Band Concerts?
  • Math Contests?
  • Pep Rallies?
  • Model UN (A key story event for sure)
  • First Term Finals
  • Winter Formal (Also Key)
  • MIT
  • Canoe Trip
  • Band Trip (Definitely)
  • Grad Ceremony (Yep, uber important)
  • Grad Dance
  • Musical
  • Mafia Day
  • Second Term Finals
  • Ultima (This one week period will be the end of the game)


All right, herein lies, or will eventually lie, a complete dossier of all characters in the VGOC Video Game. Abilities and shit are subject to change, but for the most part this will convey the general gist of each character. Feel free to edit as you please, but keep two things in mind. One, in order to make the game hilarious, many VGOC need to have humourous in-joke based abilities (like, 'Late Puberty'). In order to facilitate this, it is advised that you avoid adding too many skils to yourself (cuz most people don't like making fun of them selves), and instead add the occasional hilarious skill to another character. Two, don't try to do all a characters skills in one sitting, the game will take long enough to complete that we can take a great deal of time to come up with these things, but if it gets rushed,it just looks like we tried too hard and sucks. Instead, try to add skills or jot them down on paper during fits of inspiration and then transpose them to here (again, it doesn't matter who they're for, just as long as their funny). Third, the branch titles assigned really have no bearing on what can or cannot be in a given branch, they just give a general idea. And fourth of two (don't ask), there will only be six abilities to a branch in the end, but don't let that stop you from adding more, I'll just have more options at the end, and that's good.


  • Full Name: Michael Fulton
  • Portrait and Sprite: MF1.jpgMF1.png
  • Elemental Affinity: Fire
  • Availability: Starting Character (Two of MF, Jiajia, and Michael Zhang are selected by the player for Mr. Schoenfeld's tutorial, the other rejoins afterwards)
  • Item: DVDs (Yeah, that's right, the bigger MF's movie collection gets, the stronger he becomes, good weapons will include, Akira, Pulp Fiction, and the James Bond Collection)
  • Build Type
    • Branch 1: Melee Attacker: Ginger Fury(MF's Gingerness grants him unparalleled fury on the battle field and he excells in melee combat)
    • Branch 2: Fire Caster: Fire Crotch (MF's natural hair colour predisposes him to casting powerful fire spells from a distance)
    • Branch 3: Party Support: Party Host(As one of VGOC's chief party hosts, MF acts to organize the party to fight more effectively)
  • Ability List:
    • Base Skill: Insomnia
  • Branch 1
    • Megaton Hammer (S)
    • Explosive Wave (A wave a fire qi damages anything in the attack radius)
    • Ginger Fury (MF temporarily increases his own attack speed and damage)
    • Mountain of Hatred (U) (Channelling all his emo-ness (lol) MF calls down a mountain of concentrated anger and crushes enemies in the viscinity)
  • Branch 2
    • Fire Crotch (MF utilizes his natural affinity to Fire Qi to hurl flaming projectiles at the enemy)
    • Balefire (MF creates a beam of fire with a chance of instant death)
    • Kamehameha (Well, duh)
    • MCLMFMF(U) (MF flies rapidly back and forth across the screen laying explosive Qi bombs randomly dealing massive AOE damage to all opponents)
  • Branch 3
    • Fire Proof
    • The Wall
    • Flame Aura
    • Mirror Shield
    • Chinese to White Ratio (U) (A passive aura with varying effects based on the racial ratio (asian:white) of the party (3:1 enables the Implosion Spell)
    • Implosion (U) (In the presence of excessive Asianness, MF casts 'DEMI' which halves the hit points of all enemies effected)
  • Description: Well, It's MF, he doesn't need that much introduction, but here it is anyway. MF will be one of three arbitrarily chosen starting characters, his general stat build will be mostly average, weighted a little more towards intelligence and speed than strength and defense, however, e ought to end up pretty versatile anyway. His skills in the first two branches will focus primarily on dealing lots of magic (fire) damage (with a variety of radial splash or similar AOE attacks) while his third branch will serve to protect and augment th skills of his cohorts.


  • Full Name: Sean Acton
  • Elemental Affinity: Wind
  • Sprite: Untitled.png
  • Availability: Unlocked when first entering the cafeteria, beat him in chinese chess, otherwise joins later at Model UN.
  • Item: Swords
  • Build Type
    • Branch 1: Melee Attacker: Taekwon-Do(Sean's martial arts training aids him in melee combat)
    • Branch 2: Attack Caster: Half-Asian (Sean's honourary asian status entitles him to increased Qi control, allowing him to launch powerful ranged attacks)
    • Branch 3: Mobility Caster: Rat Boy (Sean's natural agility allows him to move around with ease)
  • Ability List:
    • Base Skill: Black Belt
  • Branch 1
    • Counter (Sean adopts a breif counter stance, during which time any attack striking him is parried and the deliverer struck)
    • Vital Spots (Sean's Taekwon-Do mastery enables him to strike vital spots on his opponents, slowing them as he strikes)
    • Shining Sword Attack (Sean unleashes a blazing combination of sword strikes, reduces the enemy to bloody chunks and then blasting them into oblivion)
    • Late Puberty (U) (Sean harnesses the power of puberty to grow to an enormous size and crush his opposition)
  • Branch 2
    • Lung
    • Lightning Strike (summons Eagle and a formation of AW2 Fighter jets, attacking all enemies breifly)
    • Chou Makouhou (Sean fires a beam of Qi from his mouth)
    • (U)
  • Branch 3
    • Blink
    • BoyLooksLikeHeWi
    • Monkey-Child (Sean's agility allows him to move through enemies in combat)
    • Break-Fall (Sean gains a chance to resist stunning when hit)
    • I'm Fucking Hot(U)
  • Description: Yeah, still working on this, gimme some ideas. Too many from DBZ so I need other ideas. Others are too RPG-ish so i need funny VGOC names for them.


  • Full Name: Jiajia Sun
  • Elemental Affinity: Water
  • Sprite: Jiajia1.png
  • Availability: Starting Character (Two of MF, Jiajia, and Michael Zhang are selected by the player for Mr. Schoenfeld's tutorial, the other rejoins afterwards)
  • Item:
  • Build Type
    • Branch 1: Chemical Engineer
    • Branch 2: Water Caster (Subtype: Splash Caster)
    • Branch 3: Life Guard (Subtype: Buff/Heal Caster)
  • Ability List:
    • Base Skill: Hair Gel: Boosts all stats.
  • Branch 1
    • Equilibrium (If enemy has certain higher stats, Jiajia's Stats grow to match his opponent's Stats)
    • Crystal Lattice
    • Fuck Chem Labs (all ranged elemental attacks increase in damage.)
    • Soul Steal: Calls upon the aura of university to consume the very essence of the enemy
    • Thermite Reaction(U) (when thermite ingnites in water, H2O is split into H2 and O...the effects are rather... calamitous. This skill attacks the screen area dealing massive damage. Bonus if there are fire types in party)
  • Branch 2
    • Unable to stay the night (Stats turn to shit during certain periods of gameplay)
    • SRC Corruption (Random free items after "Raid on SRC" mission is completed)
    • Terrible Ideas (all flying enemies are rendered flightless for set period of time)
    • Hide in Dark Park (75% chance increased dodging)
    • Eat Fried Shit! (U)
  • Branch 3
    • Flutter Kick (fast, multi-hit attack. much like that dude's egg beater attack from soul caliber)
    • CPR (all party members heal more and more HP the higher the skill level...basic heal... cannot heal mroe than 30% of max HP at a time)
    • Hold Breath (Recieve only 1 damage against any attack for a period of time)
    • The Butterfly (lol... this is gay. Butterflies surround Jia Jia. and charge up over a period of 5 seconds... the charged butterflies buff his attacks or he may use them to unleash "Dive")
    • Dive(U) (All party members full heal and jia jia dives at enemy dealing the amount of damage that Dive Heals, basically a damage reflection.)


  • Full Name: Michael Zhang
  • Elemental Affinity: Earth
  • Sprite: Zhang2.png
  • Availability: Starting Character (Two of MF, Jiajia, and Michael Zhang are selected by the player for Mr. Schoenfeld's tutorial, the other rejoins afterwards)
  • Item: Undetermined
  • Build Type
    • Branch 1: Reactionary: These involve distributing different consumable goods to harm an enemy.
    • Branch 2: Party Support: Politician (Zhang subtly influences those around him to gain an advantage in battle)
    • Branch 3:
  • Ability List:
    • Base Skill: Accomplishment
  • Branch 1
    • Orange juice that looks like pee (Orange pee, for short)
    • Schlargs:
    • Chubbies bombs
    • Allergy: makes opponents blind
    • Dirty pancakes (U)
  • Branch 2
    • Mind control: Effective at times to convince the enemy to give up their fight. However, only Zhang gains experience from this.
    • Marketing: this basically forces an enemy to buy one of our items, no matter how useless it is, at an inflated price.
    • Dictator: Allows the entire party to attack using uniform moves
    • Communist Propaganda: Increases attack effectiveness for all team members. (U)
    • Arrogance kills: allows Zhang or another team member to use remaining HP to create kamikaze attack against opponents.
  • Branch 3
    • Shoot at rocks
    • Become a rock
    • Become a talking rock
    • Become a talking rock that shoots at other rocks
    • (U)


  • Full Name: Chun Huang
  • Elemental Affinity: Earth
  • Sprite: Chun1.png
  • Availability: Unlockable
  • Item: Tools
  • Build Type
    • Branch 1: Melee Attacker: Football Player (Hope uses his football and otherwise skills to beatdown enemies at close range)
    • Branch 2: Summoner: Mechanic (Hope uses his natural engineering skills to summon a variety of his creations onto the battlefield)
    • Branch 3: Maple Hero: slow charging, heavy hitting finishers.
  • Ability List:
    • Base Skill: Eat Apples (When used, all party members recieve a 240% increase in HP)
  • Branch 1
    • Tackle [activated skill/active] (Damage of skill increases with level)
    • Stance [activated skill/passive] (higher level skill results in reduced knock back rate i.e. 60% chance that enermy does not knock you back)

Test1.gif activating "Stance"

    • Dislocate Shoulder [activated skill/passive] (all player stats cut to 50% party members get 70% increase in all stats.)
    • Super Nike Shoes [activated skill/passive] (increases attack speed 4x, avoidability and accuracy 2x but an increase in damage taken 4x)
    • Summon Football Team.(U) [activated skill/active] (a massive group of football players attack the enemy dealing x2.5 more damage with every sucessful hit (up to 13 hits possible)) - sean, this skill obviously has the potential to do into 5 digits... so... i think ur gonna have to introduce monsters with some rank HP....

Summon footbal Team.jpgan example of this skill being used on my interpretation of "Mrs Cutts".

  • Branch 2
    • Go Kart (this is staying in, I might still need it later)
    • Hopebot [intrinsic skill] (Character can transform into a vehicle for increased speed. speed increases with skill level, as do the types of vehicles transformed into. start with toaster: skill level 1: speed increase: -100%[stationary], skill lvl 3: go kart: speed increase 50%, skill lvl 5: Fire Truck: speed increase 150%, skill lvl 10: Formula 1 car: speed increase 250%)
    • Aftertouch Takedown [intrinsic skill] (if knocked back, car drops on enemy dealing 80% of the damage dealt to the player, player gains "boost")

After touch takedown.jpg

    • OMG LAMP POST! [activated skill/active] (Player is reduced to 1 health and loses money. Takes down monsters health by 49%, 10 minute cool down)*this skill must be aquired from completing the quest "winning unfairly at sciencefairs." and "Hope's Search for Generic Asian Cars"
    • Improved Public Transit (U)[activated skill/active] (series of busses with guns that shoot rocket launchers that shoot more busses crash into target, requies maxed "go kart of death")
  • Branch 3
    • power strike (does 260% of base weapon - wrench- damage)
    • Armour Crush [activated skill/active](increase skill level increases chance to nullify an enemie's defence stats)

Armour crush.gif demo of character using "armour crush" on enemies. an area attack that well allow party members to attack enemies with the full force of their skills.

    • Rage
    • Combo [activated skill/passive](for every hit you land on the enemy, your damage increases by a percentage, up to 5 hits. higher damage is maintained for a certain amount of time. once charged, combo can be unleashed as the holy noob hammer)
    • Holy Noob Hammer(U) does 550% x number of charged orbs over the base attack skill (the basic damage with a wrench). stacks ontop of buffs

Holy noob hammer.jpg Meteor.jpg so i dont know why this skill is here... but it looks cool. sean, this should be a skill that me and jia jia can summon together. Call it Aerosol Armageddon!!! Yeah is it possible to have team summons that you can only do with certain team combinations?--[[]] 21:59, 23 March 2008 (EDT)

Call it Aerosol Armageddon!!! Yeah is it possible to have team summons that you can only do with certain team combinations?--[[]] 22:01, 23 March 2008 (EDT)

Honestly not sure yet. I'd love to have some, but the number of combinations for skills presented by having 16 characters is qquite insane.


  • Full Name: Rocky Wang
  • Elemental Affinity: Earth
  • Sprite: Incomplete
  • Availability: Unlockable
  • Build Type
    • Branch 1:
    • Branch 2: Attack Caster: Rocky Talk (Rocky's powerful accent causes him to summon up unique versions other skills)
    • Branch 3:
  • Ability List:
    • Base Skill:
  • Branch 1
    • (U)
  • Branch 2
    • Salt Rifle
    • Arson Cannon
    • Rocky Lawnchair
    • Stolen the Desk
    • Grenade in your Basement
    • I Sink Wourm Fry into my Eye
    • Ice Cream Rocky (U)
  • Branch 3
    • (U)

Master Li

  • Full Name: Master Li Tong
  • Elemental Affinity: Light
  • Sprite: Incomplete
  • Availability: Joins the party during the controntation with Prasun and Howard at Model UN
  • Item: StarCraft Upgrades
  • Build Type
    • Branch 1: Summoner: Starcraft Fanatic (Master Li conjures the many beasts of Starcraft to do his bidding)
    • Branch 2: Splash Caster
    • Branch 3: Healer: VGOC Master (Master Li is the primary VGOC host and as such specializes in keeping the party ready to fight)
  • Ability List:
    • Base Skill: Qi Master (Li can also fly, and is able to strike allies with a healing melee attack, though it drains Qi)
  • Branch 1
    • Micromanagement
    • Nuclear Launch
    • Zergling Rush (U)
  • Branch 2
    • Light Wave
    • Psionic Storm
    • Bahurgha!!!!
    • (U)
  • Branch 3
    • Buy Fries
    • Host Party
    • Stim Pack
    • Jumbo Fries (U)

Master Ken

  • Full Name: Master Ken Jin
  • Elemental Affinity: Light
  • Sprite: MasterKen1.png
  • Availability: Unlocked upon entering the caff for the first time (However, most events in the game will be too low level for Master Ken, so to get him you'll have to take on some pretty tough quests, or at least 'interesting')
  • Item: None (Master Ken's impressive Qi skills require perfect concentration, and he often cannot be bothered with melee combat)
  • Build Type
    • Branch 1: Attack Caster: VGOC Master (Master Ken uses his vast skills in Qi manipulation to wreak detruction on the enemy)
    • Branch 2: Party Support: Strategist (Master Ken's superb strategy helps the party fight more effectively)
    • Branch 3:
  • Ability List:
    • Base Skill: Qi Mastery (Ken can fly, and most of his base attacks are long range (though they do not consume Qi))
  • Branch 1
    • Qi Battle (A powerful Light Qi blast Strikes one opponent)
    • Ken Wave (U) (A devastating shock wave of Light Qi pummels and stuns all enemies on the screen)
  • Branch 2
    • Buildtime (Reduces casting time of spells on one ally)
    • Infantry Rush (Summons AW2 infantry to swarm the enemy and absorb damage)
    • Gathering Qi (Master ken taps the universal Qi flow, and temporarily enables an Ally to cast without Qi cost)
    • Chess Master (U) (Increases the movement speed and attack power of all Ken's allies for a time)
  • Branch 3
    • Such Low Level (Master Ken gains immunity to the effects of most attacks dealt by enemies a certain level lower than himself)
    • The Ken Principle (U) (Ken's attack power grows over time, making him more powerful the longer he remains alive)


  • Full Name: Oleg Petelin
  • Elemental Affinity: Earth
  • Sprite: Incomplete
  • Availability: Joins the party shortly after the tutorial, he must be located at some point before the story can progress (namely, before the party can get to the caff)
  • Item:
  • Build Type
    • Branch 1: Mobility Caster: Disappearing Act (Oleg's bizarre tendency to be absent at rendom intervals allows him to pop in and out of battle with ease)
    • Branch 2: Play as Terran
    • Branch 3: Hapkido
  • Ability List:
    • Base Skill: Well, uh Basically...
  • Branch 1
    • Where the HELL is Oleg?!?!
    • (U)
  • Branch 2
    • (U)
  • Branch 3
    • (U)


  • Full Name: Bobby Xiao
  • Elemental Affinity: Fire
  • Sprite: Incomplete
  • Availability: Unlockable
  • Items: Computer Components
  • Build Type
    • Branch 1: Status Caster: Asian Hacker (Bobby is able to hack into the VGOC Video Game and make alterations to the code regarding the enemy, reducing there stats)
    • Branch 2: Wild Card: Crazyness (Bobby's 'slight' insanity produces random effects on enemies, friends, and the battlefield itself, not always good, but certainly fun to watch)
    • Branch 3:
  • Ability List:
    • Base Skill: Math God
  • Branch 1
    • /me explode (bobby expands his name into an array, creating a shield of characters that circle around his body, repelling enemies)
    • RNG = 1 (bobby manipulates the random number generator, making all attacks critical (and some other kool effects) for a breif time FTW)
    • .kill (chance to kill the target)
    • 1337 Haxzorz (U)
  • Branch 2
    • Bang Bang (An explosion at a random point on screen strikes all allies or enemies in range)
    • Mau Mau (Random status ailments (good and bad) on the target)
    • Foolish Humans (Allies and enemies are randomly slowed/hasted)
    • Monkeys (A random ally/enemy is swarmed by monkeys of a random element increasing or sdecreasing the elemental attack power and resistance)
    • The Bobby Xiao Rap (U) (A random ally/enemy gains a 3.1415x multiplier to all stats for a brief time)
  • Branch 3
    • (U)


  • Full Name: Rachel Si
  • Elemental Affinity: Water
  • Sprite: Rachel1.png
  • Availability: Unlockable (joins the party automatically at Model UN, rejoins after being rescued from Mr. Hall {also at Model UN})
  • Build Type
    • Branch 1:
    • Branch 2:
    • Branch 3:
  • Ability List:
    • Base Skill: Procrastination
  • Branch 1
    • (U)
  • Branch 2
    • (U)
  • Branch 3
    • (U)


  • Full Name: Bryan Balaton
  • Elemental Affinity: Wind
  • Sprite: Incomplete
  • Availability: Unlockable (Present at Master Li's house at the end of Chapter 1, you must get gold in Master Li's Flags Field to unlock him)
  • Build Type
    • Branch 1:
    • Branch 2:
    • Branch 3:
  • Ability List:
    • Base Skill:
  • Branch 1
    • Fusion Frenzy (U)
  • Branch 2
    • (U)
  • Branch 3
    • (U)


  • Full Name: Nathan Wagner
  • Elemental Affinity: Fire
  • Sprite: Nathan2.png
  • Sprite: Incomplete
  • Availability: Unlockable (It is possible to go Wendy's at certain points in the game, if you do and perform certain tasks, we will join thge party)
  • Item: Pokemon
  • Build Type
    • Branch 1: Consume Pepper Seeds
    • Branch 2: Aura Support: Wendy's Manager (Nathan's managerial prowess helps to rally the party together)
    • Branch 3:
  • Ability List:
    • Base Skill:
  • Branch 1
    • flame breath
    • flame shit
    • noxious stench
    • kill Mr Pittman with air freshener
    • (U)
  • Branch 2
    • (U)
  • Branch 3
    • (U)


  • Full Name: Nick Spooner
  • Elemental Affinity: Earth
  • Sprite: Nick1.png
  • Availability: Joins Party automatically upon returning to the Nerd Hallway after the Search for Tara
    • Branch 1: Attack Caster: Gangsta (Nick's heritage causes a stereotypical affiliation with the gangsta populace, he uses their powers against the enemy)
    • Branch 2: Damage Absorbtion: Deception (Nick uses the numeruos tactics at his disposal to disperse and/or absorb much of the damage dealt against the party)
    • Branch 3: Attack Caster: Exploding Hair (Nick uses the powers hidden within his hair to strike at enemies from afar)
  • Ability List:
    • Base Skill: Blackness: Increase strength.
  • Branch 1
    • Shoot: Deals 120% normal damage from long range.
    • Do Drugs: Gain a random above average stat boost. 10% chance of "Burnout" resulting in being unable to act for a period of time.
    • Beatdown: Beat's shit out of single opponent, using current weapon. Deals large damage.
    • Bust A Cap In Yo Ass: Fires long range shot that hit's enemy 9 times (50 cent-esque).
    • Dreadnaught (not gangsta-eque, but Halo is kool)
    • Summon Bloods: (U) Summons members of Los Angelas street gang to open fire upon all enemies, causing major damage
  • Branch 2
    • Insult: Causes enemy to attack Nick
    • Bribe: allows near guaranteed escape from combat in exchange for some money
    • Confusion: Interrupts enemy activity for short time.
    • Unnecessary interruption: Interrupts casting of enemy spells for a short period of time.
    • Spooner Twist (U): Temporarily convinces enemies to fight for VGOC.
  • Branch 3
    • Straighten: Uses straight hair to attack enemy.
    • Afro Five-Alive: Uses hidden juice in hair to heal one ally.
    • Shave: cuts enemy hp to 75% of current health
    • Exploding Hair: Explosive AOE attack causing great damage to all nearby enemies
    • Qi Master (U) (Spooner accends to the level of Masters Ken and Li, gaining the ability of flight, and powerful ranged attacks)


  • Full Name: Hank Yang
  • Elemental Affinity: Wind
  • Sprite: Incomplete
  • Availability: Unlockable (for now, play a game of pong against him and win)
  • Build Type
    • Branch 1: Status Caster: Special Powers (Both enemies and allies are affected by the very presence of Hank)
    • Branch 2: Self Combat Buff: Ping Pong Champ (Hank's Ping Pong skills give him an edge in combat)
    • Branch 3: Battle Auras
  • Ability List:
    • Base Skill: Ping Pong Attack, barrage of pingpong balls, high chance of CH. Finished off by a smash of a ping pong racket.
  • Branch 1
    • Hank Sit Down: all enemies are immobilized, or 'sit down', for a set duration of time, free to get beaten by VGOC. Can only slow down bosses, length is dependent on Hank's level, and augmented by the presence of Mr. Pittman and Davis as NPCs.
    • The Hank Effect: all enemies walk away from the characters, unable to see them and looking the wrong way, where they are once again free to get their butt kicked.
    • Special Powers (U)
  • Branch 2
    • Grounders: characters becomes even more agile, can jump on top and off enemies, walls, and change direction in mid-air. 5% of chance of the character blindly falling in mid-air, scraping his knee, and losing 25% of health and qi.
    • Ping Pong stance: character rolls back and forth rapidly, evading enemy attacks, much like rolling in super smash bros, except faster.
    • Extreme Ping Pong stance: character rolls back and forth even faster at extreme speeds, can avoid bosses and invincible for 1 second after roll. 1% chance of the character tearing 1 ligament in his shoulder and 3 ligaments in his spine, resulting in 50% loss of health and qi and paralysis for 10 seconds.
    • Ping Pong Grand Master (U)
  • Branch 3
    • Hank's Mom's Cooking: all characters in the group get health and qi restored to max levels, all ailments cured. Temporary increases in all stats and abilities. (U)


  • Full Name: Wayne Liu
  • Elemental Affinity: Water
  • Sprite: Incomplete
  • Availability: Unlockable (It's gonna have something to do with freeing him from Litza)
  • Build Type
    • Branch 1:
    • Branch 2:
    • Branch 3:
  • Ability List:
    • Base Skill:
  • Branch 1
    • Talking Rock
    • (U)
  • Branch 2
    • (U)
  • Branch 3
    • (U)

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