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Video Game Olde Crew

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VGOC is working to professionalize the VGOC website at http://vgoc.info. Post-secondary experiences are available on the official VGOC blog. <math>\alpha \beta</math> Seanacton is now working hardcore on the VGOC Video Game.

backed up @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Nneonneo/VGOC
VGOC also has a group on Facebook here.

Note:This page is not in any way designed to exclude, insult, nor was it ever remotely an attempt at Cyber Bullying, it's basically created to (ab)use Wiki technology, kill time, and provide information. VGOC has recently become most viewed page on Bluwiki, at over 11.5 million views.

Some of the prominent members of VGOC

The Video Game Olde Crew, referred to almost exclusively by its abbreviation VGOC (pronounced Vee-gock; Fr: L'equipage Ancienne de Jeus Videos, Ch: 电游老乡, Jp: ウイーゴク (uīgoku), Ru: крускитњ, Rk: Ol' Croo fo Veedo Game) are a fraternal group of young people based at Walter Murray Collegiate in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada most active during the period between 2004 and 2007.

VGOC regularly convene at the house of one of their members, most often Li or MF (in recent times, gatherings at Sean, Hope and Rachel's houses have become much more frequent), and engage in games including Mafia, Flags, Halo 2, Starcraft, as well as various other forms of video games or basement sports. The group developed from a small group of high school students convening at a regular spot in the school cafeteria, and continues to function as an informal fraternity even though most members have left Saskatoon.


The group lacked a name of any sort when they began first convening in the beginning of grade nine. When the group's gatherings became more of a regular occurence the informal choice for the name of the organization was "Video Game Party People", abbreviated as VGPP. Zhang deemed it as too generic and bore too much resemblance to a communist organization, with "People's Party" being a well-known Communist Cliché. Although to a degree it did reflect some VGOC's fondness with Communism, it was not catchy and sounded rather tedious and not in tune with trends at the time. The name was consequently changed to "Video Game Olde Crew" in 2005, after the creation of this website. The spelling of an "e" after old is to avoid any possible gang-like connections, or infringement of any copyright laws, which can go to hell. Olde Crew spells out the "VGOC", which after little standardization has been uniformly pronounced as Vee-gock. Originally, the term the Oh-See (copyright can go to hell) was also deemed canon. However, this usage never caught on.

Language use and Chants

Although English is the Official Language of the VGOC, Chinese, French, and Rockyish are considered semi-official languages. On a related note, Hankyish was generally limited to charades performances alone, but use of it gradually dissipated over time.

The English used at the VGOC is a newer form of "Conventional Saskatchewan Teenage Factual-Tone Talk", with influences from the popular teenaged talk of the day, largely derived from valley-girl talk and Canadian Slang. However, notable elements of mainstream teenage talk is missing, such as usages of words like "totally", "rad", and "sketchy". VGOC also never address each other using fraternal phrases such as "man" or "dude". What makes VGOC language unique is that it is heavily influenced variably by the unique spoken styles of Nick Spooner, Oleg Petelin, and Master Ken Jin. The combination makes the language spoken at VGOC gatherings unique and provide a distinct identity for VGOC members.

Uh, well, basically, I went to class after raiding Nick's and some sauce was there - I was mind-masturbating profusely that I BBH'ed my bro S'nac and two other goddamn guys after eating out of the pie, got diarrhea, and was like, must shit soon, or else I would've seriously put lung in my pants if I didn't have any special powers - and it would be such low-level the next time I go dash-chick hunting while scouting in dude mode.

Vocabulary Use

Most elements of VGOC are clearly visible in the beginning of a sentence, with typical lead-ins including but not limited to:

  • GAR, or related sounds, most prominently "par" or "yar". (a common greeting between VGOC members upon seeing each other. Used to express dislike eg. Gar! This sucks, frustration eg. Gar! Why won't this XBox work?!, anger eg. Gar! You idiot!, happiness eg. Gar! I beat Li in StarCraft!, or general existence in the space-time continuum eg. GAR!. Its meaning is based on the intonation used. It is also often said to break a deathly silence). See also Gar Par Yar.
  • Basically (The VGOC usage of the word is often limited to narratives, i.e. to begin a story of some kind, or to simplify a story. In numerous cases, it is said in a way that seems to say "Let me tell you this in a way that you can understand". It can also be used as a method of omitting what are considered irrelevant parts to a story or a topic of discussion. For example, if a discussion about the cosmology of the universe and subatomic particles got out of hand, it is appropriate to interject with, "Basically, the universe was created through a big bang". In this context, basically means something along the lines of "let me tell you what you need to understand, the rest is more or less irrelevant", such as, "basically, just do what they tell on from the textbook" when doing an assignment. Although no longer true, it is popularly believed that Oleg uses it to begin every sentence. eg. Basically, he was sitting there and shit his pants. This word was used to great effect at SMUNAXXXII)
  • Well (has many uses, sometimes pronounced more like "whol" with an upwards tone, usually to emphasize what someone just said isn't important. eg. Well, come anyways.)
  • Kay (basically means "Okay", or to emphasize what one is about to say is important, eg. kay, listen to me!, or that something that has just been said is ridiculous. eg. kay! How about no?) Attributed to Stephen Davis, k wow is also used sometimes as an expression of surprise.
  • Just (imperative upon person talked to, especially if said person likes backing out regularly. eg. Just come to the party! -OR- To begin the description of an event considered funny in the blunt or uncommon sense. eg. Just shoots at a rock)
  • Like (Like is used to say "I am unsure if what I am about to say is correct, but it's close enough it expresses the idea, as in, I used to be able to bench, like, 140 pounds.)
  • Must (to indicate to oneself something one plans to do, although not all of it is necessarily imperative. eg. Must go home).
  • Uh (Very frequent, usually just filler to make it look like your thinking, or that you are surprised or appalled. Also used when about to say something close to a joke or sarcastic remark. eg. Uh...Li, you're dead, dead people don't talk.)\
  • But still (to indicate a general feeling of disbelief for the following statement, or to say "regardless" eg. But still, how could you have gotten drunk? Also used when trying to prove a point when no one truly cares. eg. But still, the sword is gay in this level because it's too open.)
  • Such (to indicate an emphasis on the sorry state of something. eg. Such bad graphics. or Such low level.)
  • Seriously (used to indicate emphasis on something that is thought to be ridiculous. (e.g. Zhang, seriously. You're shooting at a rock")
  • Lung (pronounced somewhere in between lung (wolf) and lung (dragon)) was coined in December 2006 by Seanacton who used it as a substitute for Mahjong terms he did not know. It was later better defined by Zhang as being the sound of a shit falling out of someone's ass.


  • As VGOC is generally non-religious, or at least not fundamentally religious, vulgarities and blasphemy are extremely common, and often encouraged. It has become such a great habit that no consideration is put into place, especially at VGOC gatherings, even when parents are around.
    • Goddammit is always used in place of the less vulgar "dammit".
    • Shit generally replaces stuff, which has developed a perpetual absence from intra-VGOC language. Also unique is the over-usage of shit to express the sad quality of something, eg. nah... I'm shit, meaning "I am horribly unqualified and unskilled". There is a general usage, too, of the phrase total shit, complete shit, or absolute shit, emphasizing an even worse quality. eg. South park's graphics are total shit. "Shitty" is the adjective that is used as a descriptor.
    • Fuck is used in several unique ways by VGOC members. The elongated word (Spelt Fuuuuuuuuuuuck) is no longer considered to have a strong meaning, but is usually used to express a sincere disappointments to something that occurred. Because of the extremely frequent usage of the word at VGOC gatherings, a very loud "fuck!" is never taken seriously by any VGOC members. People often use "fuck" when they fail at some kind of video-game related task. Due to over usage of this word at gatherings, it is often said without thinking at school. Certain VGOC members have been approached about having a "language problem".
  • Because of Oleg's habitual absence from different events, and his tendency to disappear at inappropriate moments, the phrases Where's Oleg?, including, "Where the hell is Oleg?", "Kay, seriously, where did Oleg go?", and "Have you guys seen Oleg?" have emerged. The inquiries become more vulgar as Oleg's absences extend longer, and will often result in complaints such as "Where the fuck is Oleg?" and "Goddammit! Why the hell isn't Oleg here?" Oleg has also been known to mysteriously vanish when everyone had just seen him ten seconds earlier, as often experienced at SMUNA meetings. The phrase has even been used to begin off Oleg and Thalia's Roots Presentation in History.

[The descriptions must be continued...]

Exclusive phenomena

These are things that only VGOC members really understand.

  • Dude Mode, coined by Nick, means to fight and walk around in a crouching position originally in GoldenEye. Although attempted in real life situations, such as SPED class and band trip, it has so far gone unreplicated successfully. Knowledge of this "mode" has spread quite a bit.
  • Eating out of the pie, coined by Zhang, means to take a kill during a FPS that obviously belonged to someone else. Oleg is most famous for doing this. Often done after two people have fought a long battle; the perpetrator either entering the fray at the last minute and killing off the weakened combatants, or sniping one or both of them from afar. This action is always met with contempt. Despite the rest of the world referring to it as "Kill stealing", VGOC refuses to conform.
  • Special Powers, first coined by Hank, denotes any kind of supernatural power that usually involves feeling or knowing something through a sixth sense, or being able to make superhuman movements such as running up walls.
  • Machina, variations include Bachina, Zachina, and Trachina, are variations of a kind of Special Powers. The term Machina itself was originally coined by Oleg while playing Final Fantasy 10 (once again, copyright can go to hell); the later variations were coined by Zhang for Hank, though almost everyone has had this applied to them at some point. Describes one's special powers, which only exist in the mind of the owner. Often the use of these "powers" will in fact impede the user, causing them to screw up horribly at whatever they may be attempting (Example: Hank failing to get a hit during the weird indoor baseball game, due to psyching himself up and attempting to be special.)
  • Hank Effect Where one person (Usually Hank) will be looking in a direction contradicting to the focus of the rest of the photograph subjects, or the subjects to the person's immediate vicinity. This was first noticed by Hope while looking at pictures on the debate bulletin board. The effect has been noticed in quite a few places, including the Greystone Graduation picture, the 2005 Murray School Picture, Hank's picture in California, etc. This effect has also been reversed in some instances, which involves everyone looking in different directions while Hank stares directly at the camera (see right).
An example of the Hank Effect
  • The Ken Principle, an occurrence in Mafia during which Ken is assumed to be Mafia should he remain alive during the first round. As a result, Ken has not won a game of Mafia in quite a long time.
  • A Spooner Twist is a mafia term similar to the above Ken Principle, but only more recently recognised. A Spooner Twist occurs when a player in mafia successfully dissuades the entire (or near entire) party to behave in a manner that ultimately results in his victory against ridiculous (ie: 5 to 1) odds. Obviously, Nick Spooner is most well known for performing such feats of awesomeness.
  • ASTC: Always Shit Towards Curtis. Obviously.
  • Shanghaiing a person generally refers to two or more VGOC members going up to someone during a dance (or anytime, really) unprovoked and grinding them violently.
  • Raiding someone's house
  • Mind Masturbation, coined by Nick, is the act of almost completely forgetting about your surroundings in order to enter deep thought concerning a member of the opposite (or perhaps same for some of you) sex. You forget about what is important at hand, and begin to think of nothing but that person, often getting "excited" and producing disturbing noises. CAUTION: Avoid mind masturbating while operating a vehicle, or doing anything that requires attention or motor skills.
  • Gar Talk-Substituting every syllable for a sound ending in '-ar'. Usually done only on MSN.
  • Green Cape Man- spotted during a McDonald's run from hope's house during the summer of 2008. In the Extra Foods parking lot, some cops had pulled some guys over and were making them pour out numerous bottles of booze. Green Cape Man then appeared to shake hands with the cops, be cool, and then leave with hot chicks. Also spotted were two guys sitting in a car eating burgers and watching the proceedings.
  • Multiple posting- After sean was once told off for making so many "double posts" and "triple posts" to Darth VGOC, he began to insert random numbers in front of random postings. This habit was soon adopted by other members of the thread.


Due largely to the contagious influence Nick Spooner, Oleg Petelin, and to a lesser degree, Ken Jin's spoken style, VGOC has adopted numerous grammatical characteristics in everyday speech. Its characteristics vary. Some of the prominent patterns include:

  • Slower Speech. Speech tends to enunciate all words with precision.
  • Active-Passive Reversal. VGOC members tend to speak in the passive tone much more so, especially in the event of a declarative statement, as exemplified by the following:
    • Conventional: We'll bring drinks to the event.
    • VGOC: Drinks shall be brought to the event.
  • Due to its usage, State definition use is often applied to object descriptions, in a passive context:
    • Conventional: That was some delicious food
    • VGOC: That was food of a delicious nature
  • Vocabulary enhancement. Simple words and phrases will be reworded to sound more sophisticated.
    • Words such as great or good are substituted to grand.
    • Overuse of the word "quite" to replace "very"
    • "Will" is replaced with "Shall" in every context.
    • "Go Get" can often be replaced with "retrieve".
    • "With ease". This phrase is hader to define.
  • Contraction avoidance. Phrases such as do not do not contract to "don't".

Chant Rituals

The VGOC "Chant Rituals" (No relations to the Band song except the name itself), as declared by Nick and Zhang on November 10th, 2005, are officially "Gar Par Yar". The origin of this chant was initially Patrick Sullivan. This chant was frequently observed at football games. The chant has also evolved itself into a game of sorts, said in rotation while doing activities such as driving or playing Wii Tennis. It is officially abbreviated "GPY", but is never spoken as the abbreviation.


Honorary VGOC Member Jeetu Jadhav (officially G2), part of the Cafeteria Crew

Ancient History

VGOC was formed as a culmination of several relatively distinct groups who came together roughly at around the first year of high school, during Grade 9. MF, Hope, and Seanacton, for example, have links dating back to Grade 2 at Brunskill School, and later in the AcTal program at Greystone Heights. Zhang, Oleg, and Nick were also pursuing what would later be deemed VGOC-esque activities since they met in Grade 5 at Greystone. Indeed, the majority of VGOC can track some kind of connection to Greystone Heights at some point during their lives. However, it is recognized that notable members in VGOC did not hail from Greystone, such as Master Li, who is often recognized as the founder of VGOC.

The Original

Originally the Cafeteria Crew, the group convened regularly at the school cafeteria to shout, eat, and discuss random events. Li was known to have been asked to buy (6 verbs in a row, you can only do that in English) fries every day. In addition, Friday was "Fry-day", which meant if Li refused every other time, he would give in on the Day of Fries. Following nearly six months of planning and the repeated insistence of "Li, Have a party!", the first VGOC Project was held on June 22nd, 2004, at the house of Li. The planning of the party involved a survey handed out a few weeks previous that asked for people's preferences in what they wanted to eat, and how long they could stay. Nine people attended, now known as the founders of the VGOC. At the time, it was simply an excuse for the nine to play video games all night. The main games of focus were Diablo II for PC, TimeSplitters 2 for GameCube, and Kung Fu Chaos for XBox. Although a tournament for TS2 was held, and lasted for many hours, the play of the night was very unstructured. There was no idea for anything to last. The average time people went to sleep was 4AM, with each person sleeping about five hours. Bobby Xiao was known to have yelled until 8AM, and began yelling again at 10AM.

VGOC member Michael Fulton displaying his sandwich eating skills.
VGOC member Michael Fulton now showing off his hot chocolate drinking skills.

The Repeated Repeats

Between October 2004 and April 2005, MF and Li alternated hosting VGOC gatherings. Li's parties focused mainly on large multiplayer Halo 2 games, while MF's centered on Timesplitters 2 and Smash Bros. While Li's parties stayed true to the original guest list (except for one or two exceptions), MF's tended to deter more: Patrick MD, a pronounced non-gamer, was notably present at MF's where he would not have been elsewhere.

Other than that, the parties continued with very few differences. Mafia was first added to the playlist at Li's, as was Charades. While Mafia has become a major hit, sometimes played for three hours straight, Charades has gathered a smaller following - The repeated subjects and long length of games, as well as stupid clues ("Sean bringing Soul Caliber") are a major deterrent.

VGOC Members Sean Acton, Hope, Nick, Zhang, and Bobby at Banff

Although the sleeping time decreased early on during this period, by April 2005, the average sleeping time was bordering on six and a half hours. The VGOC parties were growing decidedly routine, until someone other than MF or Li bothered to host.

The New Hosts

In May 2005, Nicholas Spooner hosted his first VGOC party. Fed with many large pizzas, two XBoxes, eight controllers, and two good-sized TVs, the seven players played until 4AM, waking up early again to continue playing. Notably, Nick's focused entirely on Halo 2 for video games. This was also the first instance of football being played, with MF, Ken, Nick and Nathan being defined as the major players.

Michael Zhang also hosted one of the parties in 2005. Because it was his birthday party it mainly focused on the part where they opened the gifts, played "Mafia," and watched movies. Notably, Zhang received perhaps the best birthday gift ever seen: a marshmallow gun made by Jiajia. It was a non-sleepover party.

Sean Acton was the next to host his own party in 2005. Many new people showed up at the party and it focused on the board game Nightmare, involving the Gatekeeper. It was a non-sleepover party.

Jiajia Sun hosted two parties over the summers of 2005 and 2006. These were both instances of "Hybrid Parties", although most VGOC were present, no video games were played. Instead, the parties focused on being outdoors, poker, and Mahjong. Non-VGOC members were also invited, including some guy no one knew.

In September 2005, Nathan Wagner hosted his own. Notable for the lack of planning, it featured its eight people playing games in the smallest room yet - barely big enough to play in, let alone sleep. The games halted briefly for a football game with a flat ball.

During 2006, very few parties occurred. This can be attributed to both IRP and general laziness of the entire Olde Crew. When parties finally resumed again following Christmas, they began to feature fewer people, and were generally shorter in length. It was also around this time that Rachel Si joined the group.

Wayne hosted his first "official" VGOC party in October 2007 when Jiajia Sun and Rachel Si returned from Alberta for thanksgiving. Wayne had planned a VGOC party in August of the year but the plan was foiled by Rachel, who managed to compensate Wayne with free pizza.

Hope has since hosted several gatherings, featuring game play straight through the night until the next morning. events held at hopes house either entail no sleep or the host falling asleep before everyone else.

Subsequent events

On some Fridays (Or more often Thursdays, since this is when Fries are sold), the VGOC continued to convene at the Cafeteria table until the end of high school. Often this is a result of someone wanting to discuss something, and instructing all members to convene. On these instances, Li is still pressured to buy fries. Four VGOC members also held up signs during the large WMCI school photo. MF still has his letter, the "V", and is curious if Nick, Zhang, and Jiajia still have their letters.

During February 2007, a series of destructive events occurred during which many VGOC and non-VGOC who are subject on the Wiki have expressed offense and anger over the VGOC's conduct and content. A series of apologies and rants resulted (see below). In May 2007 VGOC formed a group on the trendy Internet networking site, Facebook. Some members of the Crew, however, refused to join and spoke out against said website, but recently all working members of VGOC has acquired a Facebook profile. VGOC culminated the end of high school with "Mafia Day", where all members came to school dressed up in some kind of mafia-like outfit.

In September 2007 several VGOC members left Saskatoon to attend a post-secondary institution. This made regular VGOC gatherings more difficult, and more concentrated around the holiday season or intermittently through the summer. 2008 saw a surge in the popularity of the game Rock Band. VGOC kept contact most prominently through Facebook threads titled Dear VGOC (over 1000 messages), VGOC Power (over 3000 messages), and Darth VGOC (over 6000 messages as of April 2009). The thread generally includes VGOC's grievances around academic life, sharing of YouTube videos, xkcd comics, and other interesting online content, discussion of current events and philosophy, and various other expressions of existence in the time-space continuum.

In February 2009, owing to various concerns brought up by members from within and outside of VGOC, several changes have been implemented on the website. The controversial section on "Douche Radiation" has been effectively removed, and other potentially offensive information has been taken off the site as well.

On April 15, 2009, VGOC spontaneously decided to acquire the domain http://vgoc.info, which is now VGOC's official website. It is under construction and the BluWiki VGOC site will continue to serve as the interim official website until the construction of VGOC's website is complete. This is a milestone in VGOC history in that VGOC now maintains an independent domain and will no longer be interfered from outside parties and vandalism.

On May 14, 2009, Rocky announced in the VGOC thread that he wished to be withdrawn from VGOC. Little reason was given and reception was mixed in the VGOC thread.

Alcohol was introduced in its full-fledged form to VGOC at Project Revelation hosted by Bobby Xiao in late May 2009. The move was generally welcomed, but there was dissent. This also marked the introduction of the first drinking game, Categories, into VGOC canon.

Test of faith

In order to be a True VGOC, you must get at least 20 points on the following test:

  • You were an advancie during High School (1)
  • You have stayed up until five on a Friday night playing Fable, Halo, or StarCraft. (2)
  • When you hear flags, you think of the open field in Wildwood Park. (1)
  • You have developed a habit of using VGOC language (give yourself 0.5 for each of the above "Language usage traits")
  • You have tagged "VGOC" on your desk (0.5 for each tag)
  • You know who Jeetu and Rachel are. (1)
  • For you, partying means staying up until 6, waiting for your XBOX controller to be wet with your sweat. (1)
  • You have performed "I'm Bobby Xiao" live in front of a crowd. (3)
  • You dislike Mrs. Cutts (2)
  • You resort to sarcasm whenever you perceive another person to be somewhat inconsiderate. (1)
  • You like Shanghaiing people at the dances. (2)
  • You laugh at stupid jokes involving shit. (2)
  • You refer to other players in Halo by their screen names, always. (2)
  • You consider Prasun very "low-level". (2)
  • You keep offering the host of a VGOC to help barbecue his burgers, or clean up after a party, but really, you don't give a shit. (2)
  • You know about the "lion", "dog", and "bird". (3)
  • You think you excel at a basement sport (pool, ping-pong) when you really just show off because everyone else sucks. (2)
  • You hate being a villager. (1)
  • You have been mangled, raped, or castrated in a Mafia nighttime story. (2)
  • You uphold the Ken Principle because you are too paranoid of its implications. (2)
  • You attempt to identify yourself with some kind of non-western culture. (2)
  • You swear profusely in front of Li's parents because you assume they don't care. (1)
  • You have been a member of G2-D2 or DERP (2), but sucked (lose that 2).
  • You believe you have special powers. (1)
  • You are overtly liberal in your outlook on life, and do not subscribe to an organized religion. (1)
  • You have dubbed someone a John Mo. (2)
  • You have been a John Mo. (2)
  • You are John Mo. (<math>\infty</math>)
  • You don't know why its called "Eating out of the pie" because it doesn't make sense, but use the phrase anyway. (1)
  • You frequently ask Li to do things, such as host parties and buy fries. (1)
  • You pronounce names of the people you don't like wrong (usually with a tonal change on the first syllable), such as "Kreeeeti" (2)
  • You check the VGOC website or thread at least once a day. (2)

VGOC Gatherings

Logo of SUCA, a VGOC-affiliated organization

VGOC gatherings were non-alcoholic with the exception of Nick's NIFSSCNMFPYMLMYWBTHAONOOP and Zhang's Heavysauce. Please note that not all the parties are listed here. As the website was not created until November 2005, some parties had been forgotten by that point.

Dates: Host: Project Name: Chinese Name:
2004 Jun 22~23 Li Tong Lead 立元
2004 Sep 04~05 Li Tong N/A
2004 Oct 16~17 Michael Fulton N/A
2004 Nov 11~12 Li Tong N/A
2005 Jan 28~29 Li Tong N/A
2005 Feb 12~13 Michael Fulton N/A
2005 Feb 14~15 Li Tong N/A
2005 Mar 27 Can Jin N/A
2005 Mar 28~29 Li Tong N/A
2005 Mar 30~31 Michael Fulton N/A
2005 May 20~21 Nicholas Spooner N/A
2005 Jun 29~30 Li Tong N/A
2005 Aug 12~13 Michael Fulton N/A
2005 Aug 27 Jiajia Sun Juliette 嘉乐
2005 Sep 10 Sean Acton N/A
2005 Sep 23~24 Nathan Wagner N/A
2005 Oct 08~09 Li Tong N/A
2005 Nov 11~12 Michael Fulton Fries 署客
2005 Dec 28~29 Li Tong Lightsaber 神剑
2006 Feb 11~12 Michael Fulton Famicon 富康
2006 Apr 19~20 Li Tong Lithium 锂素
2006 May 6 Michael Zhang Hai! 东海
2006 June 23 Fuddruckers on Eighth Russian Friday 周五
2006 Jun 27~29 Li Tong Legend 永记
2006 September 2 Jiajia Sun Jedburgh 嘉保
2006 Dec 16~17 Oleg Petelin Opium 鸦片
2006 Dec 28~29 Hope Huang CS 扣分
2007 Jan 2~3 Li Tong Live! 现场
2007 Jan 27~28 Michael Fulton FUCUTTS 罚课
2007 Feb 11-12 Sean Acton AssHo 必和
2007 Apr 09~10 Li Tong Limit 极限
2007 Apr 28 Michael Zhang Hamlet 贺含
2007 July 01~07 Li Tong
Sean Acton
Hope Huang
Ken Jin
Bobby Xiao
2007 August 3 Fuddruckers on 8th Kamehameha 灿拳
2007 August 24 Sean Acton Alphanumeric 数字
2007 August 27 Rachel Si Grace?
2007 October 6 Wayne Liu Wwwwwaaaaayyyyynnnnneeeee 强因
2007 October 22 Chun Huang Communist Party 共党
2008 April 28 Michael Zhang Heavysauce 重成
2008 May 17 Bobby Xiao Rubik's Cube 魔方
2008 May 24 Hank Yang Yankee 洋佬
2008 June 25 Sean Acton Arpha 阿发
2008 August 22 Chun Huang CMCSMB 医学
2008 December 20 Bobby Xiao BBW 包笔
2009 January 1 Jiajia Sun Jailbait 嘉倍
2009 May 16~18 Chun Huang CHUN
2009 May 30~31 Bobby Xiao Revelation
2009 June 19-21 Jiajia Sun Journey
  • Total Party Count: 45

The Future of the VGOC

Despite its challenges, VGOC was a very tight-knit group in High School. After High School was completed, many VGOC have gone onto their own paths to pursue their respective career interests and further education. It is the collective will of the VGOC to remain a steady group for a long time to come yet. Reunions and gatherings will continue to occur indefinitely. Upcoming events will appear as they are planned. The Codenames for parties will go through a system of nomenclature similar to that of Hurricanes, with a title that must begin with the representative letter of the Host (MF is F, MZ is H, Nick is N etc):

As MF and Li have hosted many parties, others are encouraged to step up. Thanks to Oleg giving in to peer pressure, he has finally hosted a party. Nick is asked to also, as it has been far too long since he did.

Members and Codes

VGOC's membership is not meant to be exclusive in any way, nor is it a social clique, as many people show up at so-called "hybrid gatherings" the VGOC hosts, without any limitations. Membership is generally determined by consensus (i.e. what people feel like at a given point in time). VGOC has generally consisted of two Grand Masters (titled "Master"), seven elders, and eight crewmen. The Grand Masters, agreed by consensus, are the usual party host, Master Li, and he who possesses a series of incomprehensible special powers, Master Ken. The "elders" are those who were present at Lead, the original gathering at Li's, and the "crewmen" being those who attended two other parties or hosted their own since. Honorary membership is bestowed upon members of the community who are related to VGOC in some way, but cannot always be physically present at most gatherings.

Grand Masters
Actual Name VGOC Moniker Code Halo Chinese Name Literal Meaning Current location Notes
Li Tong Master Li or Lee L Tony 童立 "Child standing-up" Waterloo Main Host
Ken Jin Master Ken K Illumina 金灿 "Golden Brightness" Toronto

Actual Name VGOC Moniker Code Halo Chinese Name Literal Meaning Current location Notes
Michael Fulton MF F Moridin 福尔顿 "Fortune to be cooked" Saskatoon Japanese Schoolgirl
Michael Zhang3 Zhang H V!laRd0 张韵奇 "Elegant Poetic Rhymes" Kingston Webmaster
Oleg Petelin Oleg O Mod3m D00d 俄鬼子 "Russian Devil" Mississauga Russian
Nick Spooner Nick N Xan 炸发 "Exploding Hair" Saskatoon
Bryan Balaton Brian B Big Bobbo1 不理恩 "Pays no attention to graciousness" Saskatoon
Sean Acton Seanacton A Gamadon "Business" or "Commerce" Saskatoon Video Game developer
Robert Xiao Bobby R nneonneo 肖博 "Doctorate" Waterloo Improvement Drive developer

Actual Name VGOC Moniker Code Halo Chinese Name Literal Meaning Current location Notes
Chun Huang2 Hope C Chunbot 黄纯 "Pure Yellow" Saskatoon Katy Perry = <3
YiJia Sun Jiajia J New001 孙亦嘉 "Also Goodness" Edmonton Saiyan Prince
Yuqi Wang Rocky Q Jam3z; 王雨琪 "Rains Jade" Saskatoon Ice Cream
Daniel Hiebert Daniel D 单泥 "Only Mud" Saskatoon
Adam Formanek Adam 亚当丝 "Asia is String" Saskatoon
Qiang Liu Wayne W 刘强 "Strong" Pennsylvania Blog Co-ordinator

Inactive Crewmen
Actual Name VGOC Moniker Code Halo Chinese Name Literal Meaning Current location Notes
Nathan Wagner Nathan KroaKer 瓦尼 "Varney" or
"Cement for building structure"
Brendan Shaw Brendan Shaw Slick 不等杀 "Doesn't wait to kill" Saskatoon
Howard Meng Howard Saskatoon
Pubudu Basnayaka Pubudu 瀑布毒 "Poisoned waterfall"

Honorary Members
Actual Name VGOC Moniker Code Halo Chinese Name Literal Meaning Current location Notes
Haojan Mo John Mo 1 Unknown Everywhere
Rachel Si Rachel G Link 司蕊 "Flower bud" Edmonton Webmaster
Harshjeet Jadhav G2 X 吉度 "Degrees of fortune" Pune, India
Chang "Charles" Liu Chucky T Toronto
Stephen Davis s-DVD or
Stephen Davis
Saskatoon works at Bluenotes
Samir Marin Samir 沙米儿 "Child of sand and rice" Saskatoon
Michael Kucher Kucher 酷车 "Cool car" Edmonton

de facto Members
Actual Name VGOC Moniker Code Halo Chinese Name Literal Meaning Current location Notes
Hank Yang Hank Y 杨赫 "Eminent" Kingston
  • Note 1: Often misinterpreted and mispronounced as "Big BBQ".
  • Note 2: it should be noted, however, that Hope was a regular attendee of the very first VGOC parties held at Sean and MF's houses before VGOC became an official organization
  • Note 3: Michael Zhang's legal name is actually "Yunqi Zhang".


Members of the VGOC at the Saskatoon Model United Nations.
From left to right (top first), Ashley (Rachel's friend), Rachel, Rocky, Jiajia, Zhang, Li, (bottom) Nick, Ken.

In addition to the Conventions held once a month or so, there are affliliated activities that deserve mention. VGOC members began the G2-D2 intramurals team in Grade 9. The tradition continued in Grade 10, and now is the name for the grade 12 floor hockey team initiated by Brendan Shaw. The dodgeball and floor hockey team DERP had many VGOC members. At lunchtime, the VGOC is usually convened at either the Cafeteria Table, or the Second Floor Hallway. Recently Li has bought more fries. Variety Night has also annually had many members of the Olde Crew, see more at CGD.

In the first semester of Grade 12, Anti-Cutts sentiment swept across VGOC, with many members being part of either her period four or five class. Issues included the fact that everyone's marks dropped during time in her class, extreme prevalence of boredom and sleeping in the class, and her inappropriate teaching methods. Nick, Nathan, and Seanacton the VGOC among those who dropped the class.

At Model United Nations XXXII, during which many VGOC members were in attendance, several references were made to VGOC-related things. A more prominent example is the Asian Bloc's amendments, during which Seanacton (representing China along with Howard) was bloc leader. "Basically" was inserted to precede every clause on Saturday's resolution, and Jiajia and Nick spoke up in protest. Sunday's events pitted VGOC against VGOC, with Oleg and Rocky (Iran), Jiajia and Nick (Afghanistan), and Sean and Howard (China) fighting against the imperialism of MF and Bobby (South Korea) and Zhang (The United States). In addition, Li was Lao PDR, Ken and Nathan settled with South Africa, and Rachel was Singapore, but none of them could be bothered to do much. Hank was a vocal (and vulgar) speaker from Columbia, often told to sit down.

Despite our nature of being bachelors, most VGOC members brought dates to the Senior Winter Formal, including Hank, although we forget his date's name. MF notably attempted several times to find a date, but eventually elected to go alone. In addition, the general consenus is that the crappy awards presented were all rigged to be received by the same group of friends, notably less cool than the VGOC. Even though they were repeatedly bugged, Seanacton, Oleg, Rocky, and Ken refused to come.

Mafia Day

VGOC gathered in the "Nerd Hallway" for Mafia Day

As all VGOC should be aware, Friday June 15th, the last day of classes, is officially "Mafia Day". All should dress as a character from Mafia, preferably the Mafia themselves (no villagers allowed). Seanacton and MF are currently working to create a day-long game of Mafia to occur on this day. Ideally, the morning would begin with the VGOC convening to learn that the Mafia had killed a member during the night. Each of the five periods of the day would then count as one "night" of the game, when another Mafia attack would occur. Suggestions regarding the game here please.

Lol... that will be hard to coordinate as discussion time is very much limited, and that is central to Mafia. ~Zhang 22:16, 12 June 2007 (EDT)


  • For football, the players generally accepted as best on offense are Ken and Nathan, with MF holding defense. The best quarterback is unquestionably Nick. Hope is considered the best strategist, but often comes up with plays too complicated for his teammates to comprehend.
  • MF and Sean originally fought for the title of Smash Bros. Melee champion. However, MF experienced a fall from grace, and Ken and Sean attempted to fight each other for about a year before they finally got the chance. Sean was the eventual victor, and currently is considered best.
  • MF and Nick are considered to be completely equal at Halo 2, with Li and Oleg not far behind. Due to his absence in recent years, no one is sure of Bryan's skill level anymore. Most other people do not enjoy playing Halo, because the above players dominate all the matches.
  • The longtime and unfair champion of TimeSplitters is MF, who is the only person who owns the game, knows the guns, knows the maps, and cares about TS. TimeSplitters has not been played in a very long time.
  • While the victors of Mafia often depend on the roles given out, Ken is thought to be the best overall, although he has not had a chance to play in a very long time. Zhang is considered to be best as Mafia, Li has the most consistent saving record as Angel, and MF is proficient as the Cop. Nick, MF and Zhang also are often able to trust each other when they are villagers, and work together highly effectively.
VGOC Members Nick and MF at Jedburgh. The picture resembles a novel cover.
  • In Charades, Oleg wins the award for least effective acting (grim reaper) and most effective (Dr. Mario, and MF is undoubtedly the best at guessing, especially after his correct response to the "Wal-Mart Smiley Face". Wayne L, a semi-member of the VGOC, was also savagely beaten for lying curled-up on the floor and making strangled sounds (for his attempts to act as a 'talking rock')
  • For those who bother to play, the Ping-pong champion has been a title competed for fiercely between Ken, Oleg and Zhang. This is the origin of the "Machina", coined by Oleg & Zhang (originally from Final Fantasy X).
  • In Pool, Zhang and MF have frequently competed for supremacy, with Nathan and Oleg not far behind. Jiajia also emerged as a power. Often, matches of pool will quickly degrade into "Guy blowing balls on a table".
  • In StarCraft (See VGOC-Starcraft for details), Li and Ken seem to be dominant on unlimited resource maps, while Zhang claims victory in the limited resources maps (although any skill Zhang might have is rarely acknowledged by anyone else). Nick and Oleg are also fairly skilled. MF refuses to play, on the grounds that he does not want his soul stolen.
  • Due to the relative inexperience of the VGOC, Mah-Jong has no champion. Perhaps if the game were played more, a victor might emerge.
  • A new competition known as a Chi Battle was created and played at Live! for the first time. It is a simple, yet strategic game, similar to StarCraft. It is played by two people sitting at opposite ends of a flat surface, and attempting to Pwn each other with their respective chi. The victor is the one who can force a ping-pong ball off of their opponent's side of the table. So far played by Ken, Nick, Zhang, and Oleg, Chi Battle was a fierce competition with all players being virtually equal, with Nick taking the lead overall. Chi Battles will likely be introduced to the rest of the VGOC members when the moment is possible.


At various VGOC gatherings, the crew will sometimes watch movies. Movies watched so far include:

  • Goldeneye
  • Hotshots: Part Deux
  • Battle Royale
  • Red vs Blue Season 1
  • Wedding Crashers
  • Kill Bill Volume 1
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
  • Part of Hero (Stopped watching because Zhang complained about history)
  • South Park Season Six
  • V for Vendetta
  • Part of Life of Brian (Stopped watching because nobody paid attention to the jokes)
  • X-Men3: Considered to be crap
  • Borat: Considered great by all.
  • The Girl Next Door
  • Mission Impossible III: Watched by some at Rachel's. MF and Zhang spent most of the time bashing it.
  • Fearless
  • Casino Royale
  • 300: w00t.
  • Fido (another typical MF selection, followed by typical MF movie response and typical MF reaction. MF wonders if people should maybe have investigated the movie they were going to see, instead of going and then getting mad.)
  • Spider-Man 3 - divided opinions
  • Transformers - divided opinions
  • Evan Almighty - generally considered to be shit.
  • The Simpsons Movie

Movies the VGOC plans to see in the future are:

  • Random Wuxia movies (ex: ones with Su Youpeng)
  • Seinfeld
  • Harry Potter

See also MF Movies

John Mo: The man, the idea, the mystery

The One and Only John Mo

"John Mo" (referred to always as such and not as "John" or "Mo" separately. Pronounced jon'moe") is one of the enigmas of the VGOC. He is often revered as a symbol, or even a demi-god. There have been questions about how he became such an important character. Unfortunately the entirety of this information has perhaps been lost in the midst of time. There are some pieces, however, that can be pieced together that explain the human side of John Mo, explaining who he really was. He has not been seen since grade 11. According to Rocky, John Mo was his good friend before high school began in ESL. Amy claims to have pranked called John Mo. John Mo was part of Hank, Rocky and Zhang's Driver's Ed class with Mrs. Wehner.

The beginnings, recounted by Zhang, involves Hope telling him to come to the cafeteria to talk about Chinese history (specifically the cultural revolution) and politics with "Rocky, Hank, Li, and John Mo", in the prelude to the "cafeteria crew". Zhang inquired many times as to who John Mo was. Hope and Hank both gave a description of him relating to his physical traits. Hank described him as being "Tang Dynasty". Zhang, according to the descriptions he was given, mistakenly thought VGOC founder Li as John Mo. Since Li has received the title "Medium John Mo". Alex Po Yeung was also mistakenly thought of as John Mo. He received the title "Tiny John Mo", or "Mini John Mo". John Mo sat at the cafeteria crew a few times, muttering a few words sporadically, not related to the topic of conversation. He was also a member of the badminton team. He spoke fluent Cantonese but little English or Mandarin, thus making communication with him very difficult, leaving his character in mystery.

Since grade nine, various people have been dubbed by the group as "John Mo"s. The famous ones (no offense intended) include Medium John Mo (Li), Tiny (or Mini) John Mo (Alex Po), female John Mo, i8a John Mo, diet John Mo (Matt M), and Torpedo/Missile John Mo (Matt L). There have also been recent rumours of an Albino John Mo. John Mo was last seen be Jiajia, in the hallway outside the cafeteria. Prior to that John Mo was seen by Zhang at Student Services attempting to "drop the semester". The nature of this trip to the counselor's office is unclear, although what is cleared is that he disappeared during semester two of grade 11. John Mo refused to answer Zhang's questions when he was approached.

This legacy in WM's drafting lab appears to have, unfortunately, been erased by more recent renditions.
  • SUCA Objective complete: Candygram sent to John Mo

After leaving Saskatoon, John Mo was remembered only by his drawing in the Drafting Lab, which many VGOC can now see during period five. VGOC members notice any allusions to John Mo, although there are only a few. Michael Kucher has taken to filling out MacDonald's applications for John Mo. Kill Bill: Volume 1 also contains the character of "Johnny Mo", who yells very loud (And gets his legs cut off). In addition, Soul Caliber character Kilik often yells something audible as "John MO!" during his attacks.

Eventually John Mo was found on Facebook. His family reputedly opened up a restaurant in Broadview, SK, a hicktown outside of Regina. John Mo also apparently has MSN, where he goes by the name I am a hero, with the personal message, "Do you know chinese kungfu?". VGOC does not recognize this as the legitimate existence of John Mo, and continues to claim his whereabouts as a mystery.

~~hm, I think we should start getting an origin story going for John Mo. I tried to write one for VGOCVG (ie: Born to a poor farming family in ancient china, John Mo was adopted by a mysterious clan of monks after his family was slaughtered by the invading armies of King Han Lei (the same Han Lei whose family was shortly afterward torn apart by the schemes of a Dark Qi Master who attempted to usurp the throne, see youtube video.) During his training, John Mo was identify as a mighty prodigy, the likes of which had never been encountered by the monks. As he grew to maturity his feats of humility and philanthropy became legendary, and he was widely known across the land as a gentle healer and performer of miracles. Suddenly, he disappeared, and over time his accomplishments faded from the thoughts of the people. What actually happened to him? No mortal man knows, but play VGOCVG, I guarantee you'll find out) ~Sn'ac


Special powers in Mafia

Like all things important on Wikipedia, the VGOC has considerable controversy surrounding it. Notably the most often discussed is the existence of Special Powers in Mafia games, which are attributed to random guessing or hearing people move during the night. While they do not ruin games if not brought up, the discussion of them invariably leads to people getting angry, and the games of Mafia completely breaking down for the night.

Not staying the night

Also prevalent is the tendancy for certain members to not stay the night, and instead to leave earlier. Often there are lame excuses ("Wastes so much time", "I have to work near your house MF, I should go home"), and only occasionally are there good reasons (Good job at Nat-Champs, Zhang). People are often annoyed by this because there are only a few hours when everyone is there, which is the time to play such games as Football and Mafia. Often, people will be taken away by their parents midway through a round of Mafia, which disrupts things.

Chinese-to-White ratio

Other controversies include the supposed "Chinese to white" ratio of MF's parties, where Zhang believes that MF's house will collapse if there are more Asians than Caucasians in his basement (MF repeatedly denies this), and MF's attempts at introducing elements of Japanese culture (Battle Royale, Feel the Magic) into select VGOC gatherings, as well as the length of games of Mafia and the inclusion of members that annoy everyone else.

Rachel's VGOC name

Two members have names that are currently disputed. People have not reached a consensus on how to Vegocize Rachel Si's name, although "Ricky Si" has been suggested, Rachel herself rejects to the proposal. Also, Sean Acton's official VGOC name is recorded as simply "Sean" (members such as Brendan Shaw have their official VGOC name under "Brendan Shaw" as opposed to simply Brendan) while some people wish to spell it without a space in between (i.e. Seanacton) due to the prevalence of people referring to him by that name. [Including every Fucking Band Teacher -Shung]

Nick's Master status

Based on his spectacular Mafia tactics (see, Spooner Twist) and Impressive skillz in Qi Battles, impeccable sense of humour, unique and contagious style of speaking, as well as a series of other fine skills, the Mastership of Nick Spooner, has been long proposed for him to be promoted to become a Master alongside current Masters Ken and Li. However, the mastership criteria is rather vague and some claim Nick's mastership will lead to a unstoppable precedent whereby too many people are declared master, thus decreasing the title's value. As a result VGOC as a whole has yet to move on these suggestions, however supportive sentiment resurfaces on occasion. Nick is often referred to as "Master Nick" by select members, but this is colloquial and not official.

  • His great uses of the Spooner Twist and mastery of logic win my vote Jia² 01:35, 20 April 2008 (EDT)

Seanacton's name

Sean Acton's VGOC name was officially changed in March 2007 from "Sean" to "Seanacton". Following this change, Although some VGOC members continue to refer to Seanacton as "Sean", there was a trend beginning in early 2007 to refer to him by the abbreviated version "Snack" because "Seanacton" had too many syllables. There has been controversy about the legitimacy of the abbreviation, as well as the spelling. While some members claim it is spelt like "Snack", others claim that because it is an abbreviation, it should, rightly, use an abbreviated apostrophe, and be spelt "s'nac" for originality.

Soul Caliber

At one of Hope's parties in late 2006, a game of charades was played and one of the pieces of paper said "Sean Brings Soul Caliber". Not only were contents of this next-to-impossible to act, its existence has always been of criticism from members of VGOC. The flurry of negative reactions led to investigations into who actually decided to create such an uneventful charade. However, no VGOC member initially admitted to this heinous crime.

Douche Radiation

Douche Radiation

In memory of better times, I've archived the contents of this heading out of public viewing (i.e. in the private facebook thread). We have all grow out of that maturity level.

Also, let me remind you that when looking for jobs in the future, your employers won't want to browse through this and find that you are affiliated with people who say "fuckkkkkkkk" and "where the fuck is oleg".

Maybe it's time to archive this and rewrite some stuff?

- Chun

[post edited] wasn't it already mentioned that we stop this kinda thing? Didn't you yourself write an article on apologizing? Come on. Dont be a hypocrite. (Dont take me wrong, I think it's clever and you have my congratulations but still...)--Jia² 13:49, 4 March 2007 (EST)

- lol, was it bobby who ent through and changed everything to "math"?

yep, that's me. Math == TEH AWESOMEZ :)

Rocky's Avoidance

So why is Rocky avoiding us? Are we no longer cool enough? Please explain!--Jia² 20:04, 26 December 2008 (UTC)

He doesn't hate us, and we don't hate him. He just has things to do when we call him up. Which isn't that different from most of us. The difference is that with Rocky it happened so much over the summer that we thought he just didn't like us and so we were rather crass when talking to him. Surprise Surprise, this made him not want to tell us where he was. He actually does come out, but like a rebellious teenager, the more we bug him the less likely he is to move. ~mf


The VGOC has recently achieved a status of coolness at WMCI, due to the presence of "VGOC" being written on desks around the school. Members are encouraged to spread this by either writing "VGOC" or "Gar par yar" in various places. Please do it small, and don't make it look like graffiti. Just "VGOC". A VGOC Logo has been recommended, but never took effect. In response to the Tags, Mrs. Cutts recently cleaned up all her desks.

Recently, In a large school picture, Jiajia, Nick, MF, and Zhang can be found holding VGOC signs. In addition, the school now has a series of "V-ster Eggs" for VGOC to hunt for. One prominent example is to find "John Mo" on the school calendar. You up for a challenge?


Old rants now archived at VGOC-Rants.

Brothers of the VGOC, have you got something to complain about? We are here for you. One for all, and all for one!

Fixing my sattelite dish - by "highly concentrated yellow"

i'm having trouble fixing my sattelite dish. it seems broken and doesn't seem to pick up signals. it makes me frustrated and i find myself lost without proper reception. maybe if it changed direction, i could pick up the propper channels and be happier and more understanding.

Uh... Bobby or Ken to the rescue? ~Zhang

Yes, do not fear, I'm here! Actually, our dish has been having similar issues. It seems that the little contact between the focal point receptor (I don't know the real term) and the cable leading out is borked for us, and the slightest wind will cause the signal to degrade. Maybe that's your problem too. Nneonneo 00:01, 3 April 2007 (EDT)

- try to look beyond the literal meaning of the short message.

uh... ~Zhang

Uhhh, deeper meaning??? You mean like the disturbing desires perportedly at the heart of Hamlet's every action? Or rather like the commonly preyed upon anxiety of a nerd who simply can't for the life of him figure out social cues? Or perchance it hints towards the general confusion suffered through by any gentleman as he attempts to unravel the minds of the women around him? Or maybe his Douche Radiation Detector is broken and he's just asking discreetly for help navigating Murray such that he can successfully avoid those unfortunate individuals we find so unbecoming? Or possibly a good young fellow with a girlfriend and a certain other problem? But honestly, I'm just stabbing in the dark, if I'm anywhere even in the relative ballpark of thi deeper meaning, I'd be lucky. But honestly, anyone (even Hope) whose come to this page and read this shit, wouldn't ask for our help with his satelite dish. So basically, if this is a satelite problem, you've come to the wrong place, if this is a metaphor you'll have to clue us in, and if this is just been out there to see how people will react, tell me, Hope, so I stop posting this random shit. ][Shung]

Did Hope even write that? It doesn't seem like something anyone would put on VGOC... I think what its trying to say is that we suck at life and fail at receiving signals that we are being mean and fail to receive others properly. We should change direction and make more people like us. Who the heck wrote that? --Jia² 00:07, 22 April 2007 (EDT)

Running Jokes and Miscellaneous Quotes

Rocky, new to the VGOC contingent, sucking on a popsicle. Despite this picture having no relation to actual Ice cream by strict defition, This picture is colloquially known as Ice Cream Rocky, and is one of the most famous VGOC pictures
Rocky showing off his lightsaber skills while eating Ice Cream

VGOC jokes and quotes deemed worthy are inserted here by chronological order. Old jokes, to avoid taking up too much room, can be seen at VGOC-Jokes. Below are fairly recent jokes

  • NEW! In Yorkton.
[Someone... it may have been me...]: just fuck her!
  • NEW! During xmas break 2008-2009, hope was driving MF to Bobby's house.
[Hope]: Are you lost yet MF? Do you even know this area?
[MF]: Yes, of course, I used to come here all the time for Li's. And that's Nick's level! .... wait, level?
  • NEW! sort of.. Mrs. Braaton's biology 30 class, talking about genes.
[Mrs. Braaton](explaining the male symbol): "D'you know what that arrow means? it means penis."
[Li] (whispers in the back of the classroom): "Oh yeah? And u know what that circle (in female symbol) means?"
  • After someone has been voted off during the day during a game of Mafia...
Mod: You have been sent to BANGHARAAAA....dinga dinga dinga dinga dinga...
  • It was night time...it was the angel's turn to save someone. However, Ken, the self-proclaimed and obvious angel has already been killed.
[Ken]:Uh, you know what, guys, I think we should skip this part.
  • [Prasun]: (To Mrs. Cutts) Which Archie character am I like?
[Jiajia]: You're Moose (a basically retarded character)
[Prasun]: Is he Brown? *goes to Mrs. Cutts, who begins to search for a picture of Moose in an Archie comic*...Is he really cool?
[Mrs. Cutts, in a very blunt manner]: No. *Shows picture of Moose to prasun, class bursts into laughter*
[Prasun]: Moose is Blond, White, and Built, I am none of those things.
  • [Oleg] (Following Roots project presentations): "Man, I love how Wayne goes first every time, and always misses the point."
  • [MF]: (Following Li's ongoing discussions of Starcraft with Howard): "Kay, guys, seriously, stop talking about Starcraft already"
[Howard]: You don't understand! Playing Starcraft is like... Well... better than having sex.
  • [Mr. Armstrong] (after handing out Roots papers): "Well, I was reading Oleg's paper yesterday, and he writes just like the way he talks."
  • [Oleg] (walks into Mrs Cutts' class, sits down): "You know Ms. Cutts, I think you just beat the record for most people dropping a class in one month."
  • [From Ratemyteachers.com, referring to Jiajia]: What!? He even qualifies as a teacher? He pulls the shells off of Ladybugs to make them fly "better".
  • [Nick]: "...Well I'm just gonna say what I'm thinking now... She has a huge ass!"
  • [Zhang]: "Hmm... If five more people drop Cutt's class we should just like bring laptops into the class and start playing Starcraft."
    • [Oleg]: "Eh... Let's just do it anyways."
  • [Jiajia] "Dude is it true Kriti moved?"
[Hope]:"I hope she takes her sisters with her"
  • [Jiajia] "My dad once said 'I don't want you to get into a relationship with some girl just because shes a girl'" (meaning 'Choose a person of quality')
[Hank] "My dad is the opposite. He said I could watch porn, as long as it's in moderation"
  • [Jiajia's mom](Referring to the yearbook, Haojan Mo)"Is this a male or a female?"
  • Hank was doing his 25-minute presentation for Roots, got told by Mr. Davis to stop four times. On the first time, Mr. Davis gave a hand gesture, and Hank asked for "ten-minutes grace". Second time, Mr. Davis says "Hank your time is up" and Hank said "just one more slide" and kept talking. Third time Mr. Davis says "Hank we're gonna have to cut you off" and closes his powerpoint. Hank keeps talking about his slides. Finally Mr. Davis says "Hank, sit down", Hank sits down, and continues to talk about his slides, saying "Since kriti hasn't started yet, I'm going to explain the last two slides."
  • Hope: Humour is like gathering Chi.
[Braydon]: Does that mean Hank will be a stand-up one day?
[Jiajia]: More like a "sit-down"
  • Jiajia: Man, the chromatic scale would be so easy for percussion
[Zhang]: Yea, for the saxophone all you have to do is this: *Shakes hands up and down in karate chop motion*
[Jiajia, Oleg and Nick]: Hahaha, what kind of saxophone do you play!? *various insults*
  • After school one day, Jiajia and MF were baking cookies for SMUNA
Jiajia finds a lumpy cookie, with chocolate chips melted in a brown mess. Obviously it was one no one would want
[MF]: Hey it looks like Howard!
  • After Casino Royale came to theatres, Seanacton suggested to Ken to go see the movie with him.
[Ken]: Uh yeah... I actually kinda like James Bond movies... like all the action scenes, the good special effects... and ... hot chicks!
  • This happened a few months back. Zhang and Seanacton were discussing the state of Mrs. Cutts' class and how everyone has been dropping it. They were just outside of the classroom before class began.
    • [Seanacton]: Her marking system is shit, she doesn't know how to teach, I'm up for dropping it.
[Mrs. Cutts] (from inside class): Gentlemen, what are you discussing?
[Zhang]: Sean, you know, she can hear us.
[Seanacton]: I don't give a shit! She's a bitch!
  • [Rocky]: I love Michael Jackson. Such great style in his music. Why did he have to molest children and turn white?
  • In the school Cafeteria at lunch, March 5th '07
[Ken]: *upon hearing of possible Physics 30 homework check* Screw this, I mean, some people seriously don't need to do homework. I'm just going to write down randome things *begins to write down randome multiplication equations, with no regard for units or dreaded Sig-Figs.*
[Li]: You know Ken, you really should have done this over the weekend.
[Ken]: What?! No way, that's my videogame time!
  • NEW! In the Hallway, June 14th '07
[Zhang]: You guys we should shanghai Mr. Hall tomorrow. Think about it... we'll surround him, and all do it at once.
[Oleg]: I think he'd shanghai us.

In addition, Band Trip 2006 and Canoe Trips 2006 had their share of great jokes and fun times. See pages for details.

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Whether you are in Saskatoon, Japan, Western or Eastern Canada, post your post-secondary stories here.

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