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Well Crucial

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Well Crucial was a band whose full membership never met, nor was the complete list of members ever known to one person. They collaborated by post and the occasional clustering of members living in the same area. Well Crucial formed in December1985 and fizzled out sometime in the late eighties.

Main members

Martin Bizarro (the Strolling Ones), Main Contribution - tape noises. Best Moment - "English Second Language" - a 20-minute locked-groove epic interspersed with my Devonair phone-in silliness. What Happened Next - dropped out of scene due to illness. Where Are They Now? - in Totnes, on a music technology course. AKA: Martin Bizarro (an old nickname given to me by Neil Campbell).

Stewart Keith (The Strolling Ones) - MC - made it happen. BM - many, but did first track, "Well Crucial" and several other things. WHN - Moved to Nottingham and got into the legendary A Band. WATN - London, popping up on Chatrooms and discussion boards. AKA: Stewart Treize, Stewart Bizarro.

Richard Youngs (Omming for Woks , the Creation room, Gdansk) - Another founder member. MC - Those weird gigs in the southeast. Also had proper recording equipment and could play. BM - "Nineteen Used Postage Stamps" was an early classic. WHN - "Lake", fame and fortune with Simon Wickham-Smith. WATN - Now works in a library in Glasgow (I tried to find out which one, but discovered Glasgow has 33 Libraries!), and is world famous folktronica superbeing.

Andrew Trussler (Omming for Woks) - Final founder member, one of "the Well Crucial Three" - MC - Humour and noises. BM - The Nostril Eye Bucket sessions. WHN - a post-industrial existence in post-industrial Sheffield. WATN - hard to find. Did a film soundtrack a few years ago.

Neil Campbell (ESP Kinetic, Redemption Inc) - MC - guitars and vocals. BM - evolving the idea, eventually, into the A band (possibly). WHN - SWANC, Leeds and the world. WATN - he is a leading noisemaker and improv person, and a member of the Vibracathedral Orchestra. Still "a believer".

Matt Kinnison (Cindytalk, Monotony Commission) - Bass, cartoons. BM - laughing at Simon Lewin in St Albans. WHN - The Monotony Commission's LP, "One Hand Turns to Heaven", was a hit in Greece. WATN - Lost in London for years, then put an LP out. Matt died of cancer on 7 May 2008.

Simon Goddard - Adam ant obsessed teenager from Camastianavaig on the Isle of Skye. MC - Fanzine, tape noises. BM - "Well Crucial pt 2" - a grungy rap about his favourite things. Well crucial! Also a remix of ESL, which made it even better. By making it shorter... WHN - Gawd knows. Someone claiming to be the famous SG denies that this is him. WATN - Writes for Uncut magazine, and wrote a book about The Smiths (not The Severed Alliance, the other one). I still remember his Skye phone number.

Ray Taylor (Terrorplan) - A lone rebel in the striped-lawn hell of Godalming. MC - Keyboards, annoying Surrey. BM - Performing Throbbing Gristle numbers in an old peoples' home. WHN - domestic harmony with his cat, Chaos. More noises. WATN - Gawd knows.

Others: The other one from ESP Kinetic, the Other Monotony Commission members, Andre Todd.

Also appearing: Mike McGowan (Torquay record shop owner), Martin Johnson (not the rugby player), Lawrence Maddox, Colin Consterdine, Simon Batley, Darren Tate, Adam Draper, Carolyn Lynch, Pip and Hoop, "Paul Tax", Janine Taylor, Rachel (and the rest of the Kettering people), A History of Gardening, Dig Vis Drill, Robin Burnout (and, according to my list "Anyone else on [1984 tape compilation] Fugitive Pieces except Satyr"), Down and Don't ("still a crap name" says the list), Robert Nixon, Apple, the Nottingham people...

...and Cuthbert Cudgel.

The main Midlands component of this goup later ended up in the The A Band, although not directly. They just liked the same things and knew each other. Or something.

Tracks and songs

  • English Second Language
  • Please Miss
  • Well Crucial

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