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Wiki for All

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Welcome to Wiki for All

Welcome to the wiki, Wiki for All, where friends join, share info and learn away from classrooms. Wiki for All believes in the free and voluntary willingness to learn and the selfless notion to share and inform what one knows. After all, knowledge should be #free and only its applications should be ventures. I, Hari, take pleasure in creating and maintaining this wiki, as long as it serves its purpose and as long as it is possible for me to hold on to it. Celebrate the true power of WIKI, which stands for "What I Know Is".

How to use this wiki

Now let me tell you how to go about using this wiki and editing content in it. Wikis do not need a software such as Frontpage to edit it. A little bit of HTML knowledge will be easier for you. A wiki can be edited by using the edit button on the top of the page. Anyone can edit any article to his / her heart's content, but please do not use your destructive powers to tear this wiki apart.

Editing the page

You can use the edit button / tab at the top of the page to edit the entire page. However you can edit a just a particular section , by clicking on the corresponding edit button. Although you can edit a wiki using regular HTML, it's better to use the easier wiki markup language. Following are the details for editing using wiki markup. You really need not worry, since the majority of an article is going to be plain text. Markup will only be required for section markers, inserting images and formatting. Even then you can simply use the toolbar buttons on the top of the edit box to achieve the results.

  1. = Page Heading =
  2. == Section Heading ==
  3. ====== More Equal-to signs lead to further subsections ======
  4. [[Hyperlink|Text]]
    links to hyperlink with the display text. Note that this link is within the wiki to some other page inside the wiki.
  5. [www.google.com Google]
    links to an external website, first is the URL, followed by space and the desired text. Note that the URL must not have spaces, to put spaces, use %20.
  6. Just like multiple levels of = for sections, number of hashes as prefix to a statement can be used to create multiple levels of a numbered list, similar to the current list (which has only one level), which you are now reading. Likewise, number of * will give bulleted lists and number of : will give indentations, especially useful to illustrate code.
  7. To insert an image, use the following syntax
    [[Image:Blustar72.png|thumb|36px|A blue star]]
    The keyword 'thumb', the size and the caption can be omitted to give the image without a caption and in its original size.
  8. Two apostrophes stand for italics and three apostrophes for bold.

If you were confused by the entire lot, dont worry, this same stuff is explained with examples on the editing screen by clicking on 'Editing Help', near the bottom of the page below the edit text box.

Creating a new page

There is no straight way to create a new page. You can spawn a new page from the current page. Pick a word from the current page or insert a new word. Now turn this word into a hyperlink, using the above mentioned [[..]] method (point 4 above) or using the <a> tag, save the page and click on the newly created hyperlink, it will show you an empty page which you can now edit. With the a tag, you must word like href and stuff though. A wiki thus has a starting point, but then the links can go on and on with no ends. E.g. I have Gyaan link on this page. If some one wants to add a new topic, he / she will edit the page insert the new word as a hyperlink. Or if someone finds a word in my topic that he / she wishes to further write a page on, he / she will edit the page and turn that word into a hyperlink. Then clicking on that hyperlink will give a new page which can be edited. Don't worry, it will not give 404 page not found error. Thats the magic of wikis.


  • Do watch how this page has been created by clicking edit on the top of this page.
  • Please preview pages before saving.

Back to Work

Okay, enough, now lets start using this wiki.

As this wiki grows, let someone keep adding topics of any subject at all in the list above, using the hyperlinking method. I always thought that using wikis are better as users dont need to register and the term 'Free' gets a whole new literal meaning.

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